Paige Spiranac angelic in white to promote National Championship

Paige Spiranac close up selfie
Paige Spiranac endorsed PointsBet in a white bikini top. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac is known for her love of golf, and most of her social media feeds are full of her hitting golf balls, endorsing golf accessories, and giving tutorials.

However, that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy other sports, including football which she proved by donning a slew of outfits depicting the teams playing in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

The blonde bombshell showed off several outfits, all set to the tune of Feeling Good, a remix by Nina Simone and Austin Millz.

The ensembles started in white but got more colorful as the video went on, with Paige later revealing in her caption she thought the TCU Horned Frogs would win in an upset.

She wrote, “The National Championship Game is tomorrow! I might be the only one here but I’m picking TCU to upset Georgia? Who do you have winning?”

In the first shot, Paige wore a white bikini top that featured a very large cutout on the chest and crossed straps, with TCU printed on the side. She paired the top with an adorable white, pleated skirt that she scrunched up as she did a little dance.

She later showed off a second outfit supporting TCU, which was a white crop top, cut-off denim shorts unbuttoned, and a large cowboy hat.

Further in the video, she wore brighter outfits that included a lot of red and some support for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Paige Spiranac endorsed PointsBet, a sports gambling company

Despite the video being about outfits, Paige was actually endorsing PointsBet Sportsbook, a sports betting company that takes bets on everything from golf to soccer to basketball.

Paige is a major advertiser for the company, with the majority of her Instagram posts endorsing them showing up on their feed as well.

Her latest post endorsing PointsBet was just four days ago, in which she shared her predictions for the 2023 sports season, as well as offered fans a Happy New Year.

At the end of November, during the World Cup, Paige was seen in a video clip on the PointsBet Instagram page where she showed off the most legendary soccer celebrations.

She was seen faking an injury and later twerking, as well as showing off Christiano Ronaldo and Brandi Chastain’s famous goal antics.

Paige recently gave a golf tutorial on social media

The former pro-golfer is of course well into the sport and gave fans a tutorial last week to help their short game.

Paige was seen in an eye-catching purple spandex outfit as she shared four ways to hit the shots correctly. The low spinner, bunker shot, touchy spin, and flop shot were all demonstrated by the golf influencer as she showed off her golf skills, clearly in a perky mood.

Paige wished fans ‘Happy Holidays’ with Santa outfit

Paige said goodbye to 2022 by wishing all her fans “Happy Holidays” with a stunning festive post. She donned a traditional red Santa minidress that had a seriously plunging neckline.

The golf star appeared to be kneeling on a bed as she leaned in toward the camera with her long blonde hair cascading over her left shoulder.

Paige Spiranac in internet feud with Nick Adams

Paige found herself embroiled in a Twitter feud over the weekend with controversial conservative pundit Nick Adams. Adams, who declares himself an alpha male took to Twitter to complain that female golfers were slowing him up on the course.

Adams wrote in part, “There’s no reason women should be allowed to slow down the pace of play on a beautiful Saturday like today!” Obviously, Paige wasn’t going to stand for that and responded with, “It would be so satisfying out driving you all day long.”

Adams and Paige exchange tweets
Pic credit: @NickAdamsinUSA/Twitter

Adams then claimed that Paige was only famous because of her fantastic looks, writing, “Listen Paige, you’re not famous because of your golf swing or how far you can drive the ball.”

Paige responded by acknowledging her great looks and mocked Adams for his chosen moniker, “Listen Nick, we all know I have fantastic milkers. I shall now change my name to Paige Spiranac (alpha jugs).”

Adams and Paige exchange more tweets
Pic credit: @NickAdamsinUSA/Twitter

Paige proving there that her wit is just as sharp as her golfing game.

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