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Paige Spiranac among sunflowers in thigh-skimming miniskirt

golf star paige spiranac in an instagram selfie
Paige Spiranac delivered an important message from the Sunflower State. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Golf star and social media influencer Paige Spiranac wowed viewers with a recent video that featured beautiful sunflowers and a thigh-skimming miniskirt.

The 29-year-old, named Maxim’s Sexiest Woman this past year, appeared in a field of sunflowers while wearing a beautiful blue-and-white plaid skirt, reminiscent of the one Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz.

Like the fictional character Judy Garland played in the movie, Paige also wore her blonde locks in pigtails for a similar look. Her shoewear wasn’t visible in the clip, so it’s unknown if she was rocking ruby slippers to complete the costume.

Her attire was perfectly appropriate, too, as Spiranac was delivering a message from Kansas for PointsBet Sportsbook. As of Thursday, September 1, the state became the latest to offer legalized sports betting.

“I’ve got a feeling we’re in Kansas,” she said while standing in the gorgeous field of sunflowers, “It’s Paige here, and I’m so excited to announce that we are officially live in the Sunflower state and just in time for football season.”

She finished the promotional ad for PointsBet by telling everyone to “do it live with PointsBet because there’s no place like home.”

The launch of sports betting in Kansas on Thursday made it the newest state where individuals of legal age can place bets on various sports games through various popular apps.

According to Mile High Sports, sports betting services with websites or mobile apps offering promotions for the launch included DraftKings, FanDuel, Barstool Sportsbook, and BetMGM.

Commenters react to PaiSpiranac’sc’s costume

The latest Instagram video post didn’t arrive on Paige Spiranac’s IG page, although she did advertise it on her Instagram Story with a clickable link. That said, it received a decent bit of attention, getting over 1,000 Likes and many comments reacting to her Dorothy-inspired look.

“The most beautiful sunflower in the Sunflower State”,” one admirer said in the comments.

fan comments on paige spiranac pointsbet post
Pic credit: @pointsbetusa/Instagr”m

“Wow Kansas looks stunning,” another commenter wrote about the Instagram video post.

commenter remarks about paige spiranac in kansas
Pic credit: @pointsbetusa/Instagram

Yet another individual joked that the Dorthy costume Spiranac was wearing was “the most she’s been covered up in years.”

fan leaves joke on paige spiranac ig post
Pic credit: @pointsbetusa/Instagram

Spiranac ranked as highest paid golfer on Instagram

In July, UK’s The Sun reported that Paige Spiranac makes a great deal of money for sponsored Instagram posts, with a payout of roughly £10,272.25 per post. That converts to $11,857.82 per post as of this report.

Based on The Sun’s data, she outearns golf legend Tiger Woods by about £2,000 per post. Three-time FedEx Cup winner Rory McIlroy ranks third, getting about £7,438 per IG post.

It’s a staggering amount, but Spiranac has proven herself to be an attention-getter with her recent title Maxim’s Sexiest Woman 2022 adding to that. She currently has 2.1 million Instagram followers paying attention to pretty much anything she posts.

Paige has appeared in other video posts for PointsBet on Instagram and it’s no surprise that they tend to be popular with several thousand Likes and hundreds of comments on each of them.

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1 month ago

She sure uses her appearance to cash in on social media. Who says sex does not sell.