Paige Lorenze shares shady quote after dumping Morgan Wallen over cheating allegations

A selfie from Paige Lorenze's Instagram
Paige Lorenze shared a cryptic quote about karma on her Instagram story following her breakup from Morgan Wallen. Pic credit: @paigelorenze/Instagram

Many celebrities try to avoid being canceled online as much as possible, but it seems like Morgan Wallen isn’t concerned with what the internet may think of him.

The country singer was canceled after a video surfaced of him using a racial slur and again after he was seen not following COVID-19 guidelines. Now, many people are once again disappointed in the singer after his most recent relationship ended.

Morgan Wallen and Paige Lorenze recently went public with their relationship and basically immediately broke up after Paige reportedly received several messages in her Instagram DMs where many women claimed Morgan cheated on her with them.

The influencer seems to be taking the breakup pretty hard but is moving forward each day. Earlier this week, Paige posted a somewhat pointed quote to her Instagram story, and fans are positive they know who and what it’s about.

Paige Lorenze shares shdy quote to Instagram story following split from Morgan Wallen

Page Six reports that Paige shared a quote to her Instagram story over the weekend that seems to be directly pointed at Morgan Wallen and their breakup. 

The quote read, “One of the most underrated ingredients for having a good life is a clear [conscience]. To know you aren’t out here doing people wrong and hiding who you are lets you sleep peaceful at night. Karma is real, energy is contagious.”

The same day, Paige shared a post of herself dancing to Beyoncé’s song Sorry, which many fans recognize as a “betrayal anthem.” 

The rise and fall of Morgan and Paige’s relationship seem to have happened very quickly, but there was actually quite a slow build before things went public and practically exploded. 

Timeline of Morgan Wallen and Paige Lorenze’s relationship

Page Six first reported Morgan and Paige’s relationship on February 2. However, the couple had been dating for almost a year before the news was public. 

A source said, “They agreed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, but it’s no secret among family and friends.” 

The two reportedly celebrated Paige’s birthday together and Morgan’s sister’s birthday. Sources say that Paige and his sister, Ashlyne, are very close. 

After almost a year of a quiet romance, Paige first posted a photo of the two together on her Instagram account on February 10. That post marked the beginning of the end. 

By the end of February, the couple broke up. Once the couple went public, Paige started receiving many upsetting messages from other women online. 

“She suspected he was cheating on her with multiple people. After they went public, Paige started getting all these messages on Instagram from girls saying, ‘I was with him. We slept together,’” one source said

The source noted that the DMs got to be “just too much” and that Paige is “heartbroken” following their separation. 

Another source says that at this time, Morgan is single and “focused on being a dad.” He shares his one-year-old son Indigo with his ex-fiancee Katie Smith. 

Who is Paige Lorenze?

Paige Lorenze is most commonly known as a social media influencer, but there’s much more to Paige than that. 

According to The Teal Mango, Paige is an entrepreneur, model, and former skier. She has her own clothing brand called Dairy Girl, and a portion of all proceeds go towards the New England Farmers Union. 

She has an active YouTube channel and constantly posts videos over a wide range of topics such as life updates, offering advice, and displaying clothes. 

Before dating Morgan Wallen, Paige was with actor Armie Hammer for about four months. Their relationship ended, and Paige has since accused Armie Hammer of abuse. 

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Sharon Kapfhammer
Sharon Kapfhammer
2 years ago

First of all Nothing good comes out of trashing Morgan, relationships fail for all kinds of reasons. If you express your Love for another person why did you start trash talking that person. It serves no good and doesn’t change the outcome. Both of you are single adults and when you are in the spotlight things tend to get out of control and everything is disected to meet whom ever is unhappy in the relationship. So now what’s happening is this whole situation is again bringing bad press to Morgan and why when there was no marriage or engagement. It’s hard to end a relationship but it’s time to move on.