Padma Lakshmi in bikini shares stunning modeling throwback

Padma Lakshmi in bikini shares stunning modeling throwback
Padma Lakshmi is stunning in a bikini as the food-loving model shares a beautiful throwback from her days as a model. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Padma Lakshmi has come a long way since she first began her career as a model, but one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s her amazingly good looks.

The famous foodie took to her social media this week to share a few of her hottest modeling shots.

Padma used her Instagram to share a carousel of modeling pictures that made it clear how she saw so much success in the fashion industry.

The Top Chef host posted a five-part reveal with some of her loveliest modeling images, starting strong with a bikini shot.

As Padma revealed in the post’s caption, fashion has a cyclical nature, reflected in the images taken nearly two decades ago.

Padma received 23k likes on the post and countless comments from nostalgic fans.

Padma Lakshmi stuns in a bikini for Y2K throwback

The first picture showed Padma in a tan-colored bikini with an old-school cellphone held up to her ear. She placed her other hand on her hip, rocking red pleather pants with the stringy top.

Padma’s hair was in a ponytail, with short bangs and radiant skin. She posed in front of a yellow backdrop that revealed her beautiful complexion.

Next, Padma sported a yellow puffer jacket with a red beanie cap, looking very much like an influencer of 2022.

A swipe right featured Padma in a tube top and skirt, posing in front of a green background and showing skin.

Another image had Padma going sheer in a black tank top, again with her trusty flip phone in hand. She paired her black sleeveless shirt with leather pants, serving Y2K looks from head to toe.

Padma’s caption read, in part, “Walking outside my apartment, sometimes I see a young girl dressed so completely like it’s 2003, I end up doing a double take. I should know by now that everything eventually comes back into style, but when I piled all my low rise jeans into a big bag marked ‘DONATIONS’ a decade ago, I thought I’d never look back.”

She then discussed her puffer jacket, which she revealed that she still owned.

Padma Lakshmi’s strict diet

As the host of Top Chef, Padma admitted that she gained 15+ pounds while filming the show and eating the various dishes. When she isn’t filming, however, Padma has a healthier diet.

She told PEOPLE, “I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t eat fried food. I don’t eat red meat. I don’t eat any dairy, except low-fat cottage cheese and non-fat yogurt. I don’t eat sweets. Oh, and I don’t eat flour.”

Although Padma’s diet sounds somewhat strict, it has clearly worked for the stunning beauty’s waistline.

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