Olympic track star Darya Klishina is tanned and toned in a bikini with a gorgeous beach view

Darya Klishina smiles into the camera.
Darya Klishina is a bikini beach goddess in neon green. Pic credit: @dariaklishina/Instagram

Darya Klishina showed off her fantastic figure in a teeny green bikini.

The long jumper rocked a little neon green bikini that featured thin straps, bringing out her amazing complexion.

The Olympian accessorized with a gold necklace that featured a small pendant and hung elegantly from her neck. She protected her eyes with dark and round sunglasses.

Darya leaned against a giant rock with one leg bent, the other straight, and one of her arms free above her head. Her pose and the style of her bikini highlighted her toned body and incredible physique.

The view was nearly as gorgeous as Darya herself. The sand was soft and shining, the turquoise water looked inviting as it waved with life, and the blue sky was freckled with white clouds.

The athlete’s overall look was gorgeous, athletic, and ready for a beautiful beach day. She posted the photo to Instagram on Tuesday and included in her caption, “Some morning sun.”

The World Championship silver medalist loves the beach and regularly posts pics from beside the sea as she models some gorgeous swimwear. In a recent September post, Darya was soaking up the rays on a Miami beach as she looked directly at the camera with a beautiful big smile on her face.

Darya Klishina likes swimwear and days at the beach

The long jump athlete was donned in a bold red bikini with traditional spaghetti straps and barely-there bottoms. Darya likes small gold necklaces, and she accessorized with one in this shot.

She wore sunglasses and had her long blonde hair swept back as the blue waves crashed onto the shoreline behind her.

Darya captioned the post with an array of emojis and hashtags, “☀️🌴💦 #sunnyday #timetorelax #oceanlover #daryaklishina”

Darya was back at the beach a couple of weeks later, but this time, she opted for a one-piece swimming costume. Clothed in a leopard print swimsuit, she kneeled right by the water’s edge as she smiled at the camera in a pair of blue shades. Once again, Darya had a small gold necklace and her hair was swept back.

This post was captioned, “Do you have a leopard 🐆 in your closet?! 😅Have a wonderful Sunday everyone 💦☀️” and writing in her native Russian, she joked, “If you don’t have a leopard in your wardrobe, you need to fix it urgently.”

These posts all picked up thousands of likes from Darya’s legion of fans.

Darya Klishina speaks on her post-pregnancy fitness plan

Darya is an accomplished athlete, and after having a child, she is gearing her fitness goals toward post-pregnancy recovery. She posted a video to Instagram showing off her exercise routine and included a candid caption about the process.

The exercises included intense cardio activities, weighted squats and lunges, and arm strength-building exercises.

The track star explained in her caption that she felt weak after the pregnancy and is now working to regain her strong core, stabilize her hips, and activate her muscles. She said that before the pregnancy, she used to go to the gym to work mostly on injury prevention and the smaller muscles.

Darya included in her caption, “Now the goal is a little different but I still have to work hard.”

The post received over 2,500 likes.

Darya Klishina spends a day with a lemur

Darya is constantly working hard at her career and on her fitness, and she was most deserving of some adorable downtime with a furry friend. The star posed with a lemur sitting on her shoulder.

The Olympian looked thrilled as she posed with her new furry friend and held her hands up to its face. Darya was just as adorable as the lemur in a red dress with a floral pattern and puffy sleeves.

Darya flashed a contagious smile toward the camera, and the duo made for an iconic photo.

The post earned over 2,000 likes as fans continue to enjoy Darya’s social media presence.

Darya Klishina shows some sporting highlights

Darya recently posted a video montage of herself training and taking part in various competitions.

The blonde bombshell looked amazing and focused in her athletic gear as she stormed down the track to perform her jumps. She set the video to DJ Taz Rashid’s Radiate Light.

Darya captioned this one, “THE muse of our sport 😍🙌🏻”

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