Olympic track star Darya Klishina in a skimpy bikini for beach romp

Darya Klishina smiles into camera
Olympic track star Darya Klishina wears a skimpy bikini on the beach. Pic credit: @dariaklishina/Instagram

Olympic track star Darya Klishina wore a skimpy bikini on a beautiful Miami beach. Darya is a long jumper from Russia that won the 2011 Paris European Championships.

The bikini was a bright, bold red that contrasted beautifully with the calming ocean colors around Darya. It featured spaghetti straps and accentuated Darya’s incredible athletic physique.

Darya accessorized with a small gold necklace that complimented the golden sands and her golden hair. She wore dark sunglasses to protect her eyes, and the shades gave her an overall movie-star appeal.

The 31-year-old athlete posed by lying on the ground with her feet in the air behind her. Her long blonde beach hair flowed past her shoulders, and Darya flashed a contagious smile at the camera.

Darya’s dream-like beach destination was the perfect environment for the track star. The bright blue waves crashed behind her, the sky was a magnificent hue, and the golden sands were soft and inviting.

The Olympian posted the stunning photo to Instagram on Sunday with a series of beach-themed emojis and hashtags. So far, it’s received over 5,500 likes and over 90 comments.

Darya Klishina wrote a book

Darya is not just an incredible athlete, she’s also an author of Breathe: Fast Lung Recovery Methods by World Elite Athlete. Darya recently posted a gorgeous photo of herself and revealed tips from her book in the caption.

The long jumper wrote, “Whatever happens, try to maintain your usual daily physical activities like walking, exercising, and healthy diet. As soon as you change something in your regular routine, your metabolism could be affected and can cause your body to feel weak.”

The book promises to offer even more advice on maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The athlete and author went on to ask, “Have you read my book «Breathe»?”

Darya Klishina promotes MotherBar mints

Darya has made a career from her successes, and brands have taken notice. The track star has partnered with MotherBar, to promote its plant-based mints for women.

The accomplished athlete posted a lovely photo of herself holding a container of the mints to promote them.

The caption included, “As modern women, we are often held to unrealistic expectations to ‘do it all’ and, as a result, we feel resentful, overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. I found an amazing and simple way how to relax for a minute, Moment Mints help me to pause and reset when I need it most. And yes, I need to mother myself every day.”

Darya certainly looks content in the promotional photo and is a great face to sell such a product.

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