Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso stuns in Nike attire for mirror selfie

Luana Alonso stuns for mirror selfie.
Luana Alonso looks incredible in her matching Nike ensemble. Pic credit: luanalonsom/Twitter

The beloved and extremely talented Luana Alonso wowed her fans once again as she posed for a quick mirror selfie. 

The young Paraguayan swimmer took a break from her vigorous training schedule to instead enjoy a nice relaxing moment in her hotel room. 

Luana posed in her lofty space while she then snapped a quick selfie in the full-length mirror that was provided. 

The professional swimmer was captured wearing more comfortable loungewear this time around as fans usually see her in strictly her swimming and or training gear. 

Luana was kind enough to share the comfy moment as she uploaded the shot to her Instagram Story. 

The athlete’s 165k followers got to indulge in the scenic views as Luana showcased her killer curves. 

Luana Alonso stuns for an epic mirror selfie 

Fans know Luana as an amazing athlete and an overall skillful swimmer. 

However, the Olympian also knows how to turn heads when it comes to her wardrobe choices. 

This time, Luana went for a more casual fit as she stood confidently and comfortably in the mirror in front of her. 

The blonde beauty wore a matching Nike set that gave her the support and comfort she needed. 

For the top, the swimmer sported a yellowish-green Nike sports bra that fell to her mid-torso. The crop top provided fans with the perfect view of her toned abs. 

She then coordinated the top with the matching bottoms as she wore a pair of baggy, mid-rise sweatpants that featured the white Nike logo on the side. 

Luana let her long blonde locks flow beautifully down the front of her as she covered her face with her phone for the shot. 

Either way, Luana looked fabulous, even in her casual, comfy attire. 

Luana Alonso stuns in comfy clothes.
Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

Luana Alonso teams up with Sprint Shop

In another recent Instagram post, Luana shared her excitement as she teamed up with Sprint Shop for a special giveaway. 

Sprint Shop is based in Paraguay where they sell race car apparel, along with other sports-related products. 

To enter the giveaway, fans had to follow both Luana’s and the company’s page to qualify. From there, they would carefully pick a winner which would be announced on December 14th. 

Luana looked stunning for the collaboration as she wore a tight pair of black Nike shorts and styled it with one of Sprint Shop’s red and black polo tops. 

The Olympian threw her pretty blonde locks into a loose ponytail as she then closed her eyes for the shot. 

Fans can still enter the giveaway and have the chance to win some cool racing apparel. 

Head to Sprint Shop’s website to enter or simply just shop around for the holidays. 

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