Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso snaps bathroom selfie for the weekend

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Luana Alonso snaps a selfie during a swim meet. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Twitter

Paraguay native and swimmer Luana Alonso is killing it on social media and in the pool as the talented athlete struck a pose during a recent swim meet.

At 18 years old, Luana has garnered quite a following on social media, including her Instagram, where she amassed 193,000 followers.

Luana’s popularity on social media has grown since she participated in the 2020 Summer Olympics, representing Team Paraguay.

After an impressive showing at the Olympics, Luana headed to the United States and gained acceptance at Virginia Tech. She swam one year on the East Coast swim team before transferring to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where she has remained.

In a recent share, Luana took to her Instagram Stories, where she took a moment for a selfie before returning to the pool.

Luana represented SMU in the IG post, revealing she had one race left.

Luana Alonso dominates for SMU at a preliminary meet

Luana looked gorgeous in a red bikini top with black spandex, posing in a bathroom. Her hair was still wet from the pool, and as she revealed, she had to compete in another race.

The SMU student captured her reflection in the mirror, partially covering her face but showing her smile.

Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso in red bikini
Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso took a break during a recent swim competition. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

Luana wrote in white text, “200 fly to go,” a reference to her upcoming race.

And as it turns out, Luana served more than just looks as she dominated the race.

A social media page for the SMU swim team shared a picture of Luana and praised the athlete for her top 10 performance.

A tweet by the page read, “It’s another 🆃🅾🅿-10 performance for Alonso! She goes 1:58.01 in 200 fly prelims to rank 9th all-time at SMU in the event.”

When she isn’t winning races, Luana has a lot of other things in the works. Similarly to fellow NCAA athlete Livvy Dunne, Luana has capitalized on her social media following with some influencing gigs.

Luana Alonso promotes Etidol Plus

Luana has found her niche, promoting products available in her native Paraguay, like Etidol Plus. Earlier this week, Luana promoted the pain-reliever product, which also has caffeine for an extra boost.

Earlier this week, Luana promoted the pain-reliever product, which also has caffeine for an extra boost.

The Olympic swimmer stood on a balcony wearing a blue two-piece with her Etidol Plus in hand.

Her caption read, “Relieves pain super quick because they’re soft capsules and topped with caffeine plus, it’ll keep you focused so you’re not in zombie mode les ♀️ (especially on Sunday morning if you know what I mean)😵💫.”

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