Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso shows off her unique antiques

Luana Alonso close up.
Luana Alonso shares an epic mirror selfie as she’s surrounded by one-of-a-kind treasures. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Twitter

Luana Alonso is known to be quite the fearless competitor and an all-around rockstar in her beloved sport of swimming.

The Paraguayan Olympian has certainly stolen the hearts of her fans over the years between both her killer fits and of course, her exceptional performances within the pool.

In another recent share, the young swimmer demonstrated that yet again.

Luana sported a full Nike fit as she snapped a quick selfie to show off her stylish look.

However, this time around, the blonde beauty provided fans with some retro vibes as she posed amongst a fine array of vintage treasures.

Luana was kind enough to share this vintage moment with her 193,000 followers, via her Instagram Story.

Luana Alonso takes her selfie game to the antique shop

As Luana posed away for this nostalgic selfie, she sported a gorgeous two-piece Nike fit. 

For the top, the Paraguayan beauty was styled in a black, low-cut sports bra that had a shimmery gold pattern throughout the fabric.

She coordinated the sports bra with some matching Nike Pro shorts that had the Nike logo written out in white lettering along her waistband. The Nike shorts were a mid-rise fit that hugged her body while also highlighting her long, toned legs. 

Both pieces featured a unique, shimmery design that oddly enough, matched the room that she was standing in.

In addition to her black and gold fit, Luana accessorized with a pair of bright white headphones that she had resting on top of her head for the shot.

While she snapped the selfie, a crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, while a vintage tea set, candle stick, and a rustic gold statue also made their way into the picture.

Luana Alonso shares a mirror selfie.
Luana Alonso shows off her incredible curves along with her vintage collection. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

Luana Alonso recently teamed up with Punto Farma to promote their energy supplement

In another Instagram post, Luana teamed up with one of her favorite companies as she further promoted one of their energy supplements.

For this particular share, the Olympic swimmer posed in her bright pink swimsuit as she held the Pufa Energy supplement in her hand.

Punta Farma is a Paraguay-based company that sells a variety of high-quality products to its consumers.

Luana has worked closely with Punto Farma as she’s continued to express her admiration for the company and the incredible results she’s experienced from using their products.

As she posed with the product in her hand, Luana slightly smiled while her long gorgeous hair flowed naturally down her pink suit.

In the second slide, the athlete was captured with her mouth open as she smiled and looked at the energy supplement.

The caption read, “Today I want to tell you something new 🤩 Arrives to Paraguay the best nutritional supplement to improve your physical performance 💪 Recharge energy and vitality with Pufa Energy! ⚡ With a daily capsule, you get the necessary dose of ginseng, omega 3, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to achieve your daily goals 🤩 Pufa Energy components help you raise your energy and maintain your heart health 💓.”

Fans can now find this particular supplement and other great products on Punto Farma’s official website.

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