Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso shows off gains in the gym

Luana Alonso smiles
Luana looked amazing as she worked out. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

Luana Alonso’s a swimming superstar already making a splash in the sporting world. 

And she showed yet more of her dedication to the sport this week.

The 18-year-old looked amazing when she shared a photo of herself in the gym. 

Wearing a black cropped sports vest, Luana showed off her killer abs as she took the mirror selfie. 

The Paraguayan Olympian also wore a pair of tiny black shorts which showcased her toned legs as she was surrounded by the gym equipment. 

Luana also shared her love of fashion as she donned a stylish pair of Nike Jordans, a brand which she is a recognized athlete for while wearing her blonde hair in a chic topknot for the workout. 

Luana Alonso in the gym
Luana shared her outfit while working out. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

Luana Alonso shares her workout routine

Luana had also been training hard in the gym

Cheered on by coach Pedro Leon Torres, who is on the Paraguayan Olympic Committee and aids in the weightlifting and power-lifting training of the athletes, Luana shared a clip of her impressively squatting heavy weights at the South American country’s official Olympic facility.

By training her lower body, Luana is likely to be faster when she competes in the water. 

She looked fantastic in a bright pink workout top and a pair of tiny black shorts and added a pair of lime green and mint-colored Nike trainers to complete the look. 

Luana Alonso looks amazing in Hard Swim 

Elsewhere this week, Luana shared how she injects some fun into her training gear. 

During practice in the pool, the star, who previously revealed she has a dainty tattoo of the Olympic rings on her hip to mark her time competing at the Tokyo games in 2020, wore a fun yellow swimsuit that was covered in a floral design. 

Luana Alonso in the pool
Luana showed off her swim style. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

The costume was from the brand Hard Swim, and it seems that Luana is a longtime fan of the company. 

Sharing a picture of her on their official Instagram page, Hard Swim thanked the teenager for her support. Luana looked stunning in a pink swimsuit, which was covered in yellow lightning bolts. 

Luana also recently posted a bikini picture to her own 127k fans. 

She looked incredible as she posed for a mirror photo on her way to training this week, wowing in a contrasting red top and light green bottoms number. 

Wearing her long blond hair loose, she also carried a blue water bottle to stay hydrated.

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