Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso shares her secret to peak physical and mental performance

luana alonso selfie
Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso revealed her secret to top physical and mental performance, earning some influencing cash along the way.  Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Twitter

Paraguay native and Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso struck a pose in her natural habitat with a revealing message about her secret tool for athletic success. 

At just 18 years old, Luana has earned a healthy following on social media while she competes as an NCAA athlete for her school’s swim team.

Luana has used her respectable following as a launching pad to start an influencing career, similar to fellow NCAA athlete Livvy Dunne.

And although Luana doesn’t participate in women’s gymnastics, she has managed to captivate an audience with her swimming abilities.

The South American stunner’s pictures have also captivated followers, and she has amassed 172k fans on Instagram.

Her most recent share showed the aquatic beauty in a blue swimsuit with a smile and a message.

Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso poses in front of pool for Pufa Energy

The first picture showed Luana in front of an Olympic-sized pool with her hand on her hip. Luana’s blonde hair was natural, with loose curls flowing past her shoulders.

The swimmer posed confidently in a blue one-piece with her school’s name, SMU, featured in an orange text on the bodice. Behind Luana were all of the things one might expect at a competitive pool, including a scoreboard, diving boards, and of course swimmers.

Luana’s caption appeared in Spanish, with an advertisement for a brand of her native country. The product, Pufa Energy, promised to maximize strength with natural ingredients like ginseng.

Her caption read, in part, “How do we high-performance athletes keep our physical and mental health at peak? ?? Supplements are fundamental, that’s why Pufa Energy is the best example, in its formula are Panax Ginseng that helps me remove stress and maintain a state of concentration at the maximum ?. You can find it in all pharmacies.”

Pufa Energy isn’t the only supplement that has received Luana’s stamp of approval.

Luana Alonso promotes Etidol Plus

Another recent supplement post that Luana shared was in support of Etidol Plus.

As Luana revealed in a caption that accompanied the post, Etidol Plus was an ibuprofen and caffeine medication.

Etidol Plus is purported to have pain-relieving and energizing properties for a one-two punch. According to the brand, the combination of caffeine and ibuprofen had the unique ability to mask muscle pain while energizing an athlete.

Since Luana has gained success and fame as a competitive athlete, the partnership between her and Etidol Plus made perfect sense.

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