Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso reflects on ‘life lately’ from pool and gym

Luana-Alonso face
Luana Alonso looked amazing as she reflected on her week. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Twitter

Olympic swimmer and Paraguay native Luana Alonso reflected upon her week after spending time in the gym and hitting the pool.

The 18-year-old has been known to share social media updates, including her day-to-day life, so her latest reveal was nothing out of the norm.

Luana racked up 192,000 Instagram followers, who are the lucky recipients of an assortment of content from the South American beauty.

When she isn’t in the gym or swimming, fans might find her promoting brands like Etidol Plus.

For a recent Instagram Stories share, Luana created a montage featuring a few highlights from the past few days. She wasn’t promoting anything, however; it appeared that Luana was simply having a good time.

As fans would see, the NCAA athlete spent some hours in the gym as she remained competitive for her swim team.

Luana Alonso reflects on her week

Luana’s collage was action-packed, just like her week. The share began with Luana standing in a hot tub, rocking a red bikini top and dark-colored bottoms. It was apparent that Luana’s time in the gym paid off because she looked shredded and toned while standing in the water.

Next, Luana shared a candid shot as she took in her surroundings with oversized earphones on her head. She donned head-to-toe black spandex with a pop of color, thanks to her red sneakers.

luana alonso
Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

The athlete went into selfie mode for the following shot, sitting on the ground in a gym. She captured her reflection, adding some excitement to her workout routine. Finally, Luana ended things where she started, with a picture in a hot tub, but from a different angle.

Luana wrote in white text over the share, “Life lately.”

Indeed, Luana’s life lately has been quite magnificent.

Luana Alonso promotes Pufa Energy

Much like Livvy Dunne, Luana belongs to a new wave of athletes who can profit from their name, image, and likeness.

As an SMU student, Luana has quite a platform, which she has utilized to her benefit.

Recently, she posed in front of an Olympic-sized pool at her university, rocking a blue swimsuit. She rested one hand on her hip while smiling and promoting Pufa Energy.

Luana explained in a caption that the product, Pufa Energy, was special because it maximized strength and had pain relief properties. Thanks to natural ingredients like ginseng, the product facilitated optimal brain functioning.

Luana’s caption, written in Spanish, read, “How do we high-performance athletes keep our physical and mental health at peak? Supplements are fundamental, that’s why Pufa Energy is the best example, in its formula are Panax Ginseng that helps me remove stress and maintain a state of concentration at the maximum. You can find it in all pharmacies.”

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