Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso promotes sales at university pool

Luana Alonso was a vision in a white ensemble. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Twitter

Paraguay native and Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso did what she does best as she went to the pool and promoted a brand on social media. 

Luana’s popularity on social media has grown since she swam for Team Paraguay during the last Olympic games.

After the Olympics, she headed to the United States, where she enrolled at Virginia Tech. After one year on the Virginia Tech swim team, Luana transferred to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where she has made herself at home in the Lone Star State.

The 18-year-old’s social media feed has tons of gym pictures and pool shots, which makes perfect sense because she has achieved NCAA status in addition to being an Olympian.

Luana has capitalized on her newly-found celebrity status by hawking brands while wearing swimwear.

The athlete’s latest post was no exception.

Luana Alonso stuns in black bikini for Etidol

For her newest share, posted with her 191k Instagram followers, Luana rocked a black bikini. Luana’s IG post had two parts, with a bikini image and a picture of the product she promoted, Etidol.

The first picture showed Luana with her back to the camera while wearing a black bikini. She closed her eyes slightly while looking over her shoulder. Her long blonde tresses cascaded down her back with natural waves.

The swimmer stood in front of an Olympic-sized pool with some of her belongings by her feet. 

The second shot featured the product that she promoted — Etidol, a pain reliever that has been a popular product in her native country.

As Luana explained in her caption, the particular Etidol product also contained caffeine. Therefore, it provided pain relief and energy for a one-two punch.

Luana’s caption translated to, “To relieve the pains of a heavy day at the gym or any type of training, Etidol Plus is your best ally! Ibuprofen for the pain and caffeine for concentration, it’s the best way to continue your day in the best way!”

It seems Luana has found her forte with medication promotions. Last week, she shared another product for followers to purchase.

Luana Alonso promotes Pufa Energy in a blue swimsuit

Luana’s previous post showed the swimmer in a blue one-piece while touting the praises of Pufa Energy.

Pufa Energy, like Etidol, is a Paraguay-based product.

According to Luana’s caption, Pufa Energy maximized strength with ginseng facilitating brain power.

The swimmer’s caption read, in part, “Supplements are fundamental, that’s why Pufa Energy is the best example, in its formula are Panax Ginseng that helps me remove stress and maintain a state of concentration at the maximum.”

Luana’s future looks bright as her popularity continues to grow.

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