Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso hits the pool in a jacket for training 

Luana Alonso
Luana rocked a swimsuit by the pool. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

Luana Alonso certainly turned some heads as she geared up in nothing other than a swimsuit and jacket before a nice refreshing dip in the pool.

The Paraguayan Olympic swimmer expressed to her fans that she would be training in the cold for this particular session.

However, the swimmer didn’t seem too phased by the cold temperatures as she turned up the heat with her natural beauty.

The Olympic star posed and smiled away as she stood in front of the still pool while her hands stayed tucked inside the jacket.

Luana was kind enough to share the eye-catching shots with her 130k followers on Instagram.

It goes without saying that fans were in for a treat with these perfectly captured shots.

Luana Alonso trains in the cold water

At first, it wasn’t apparent that the swimmer was training in the brisk water. However, she mentioned the temperatures in the caption as she simply wrote, “Training in the cold.”

Luana seemed to be unbothered by such temperatures as she posed in her light-colored bikini that made a slight appearance in the second picture.

As she wore her high-waisted, cheeky bikini, she bundled up in a black teddy-styled jacket which gave off a nice and cozy look.

She styled the jacket with a pair of black Nike ankle socks and coordinated it with some matching black flip-flops.

The swimmer’s hair was seemingly dry for the pictures as she left the blonde hair down while it naturally fell alongside her back.

In the second slide, her followers were gifted with a side shot of her toned and muscular physique as she gracefully stood in front of the pool with a beautiful natural face.

Luana Alonso teams up with Punta Farma for breast cancer awareness

In another recent post, the swimmer explained that she teamed up with Punta Farma to help spread awareness of breast cancer and further donate to the cause.

Luana announced that a percentage of every purchase made with Punta Farma would be donated to a non-profit organization. This organization is called the AMACMA Association, which helps detect the early stages of breast cancer.

The Olympic star is certainly an advocate when it comes to helping women get the support they need, especially when it comes to the prevention of breast cancer.

In the post, Luana stood tall and proud as she wore a bright pink, one-piece bathing suit while holding a cute blue plushy for the cause.

Fans came out to fully support the swimmer’s post as it received 36k likes and over 200 comments.

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