Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso enjoys pool day in red

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Luana Alonso shares three pictures while soaking up the sun. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Twitter

With her 19th birthday right around the corner, Luana Alonso is kicking things into gear with some beautiful new posts.

At just 18 years old, Luana has accomplished quite a bit. 

She represented team Paraguay at the 2020 Summer Olympics, becoming a hometown hero. Last year she took her talent to the United States, enrolling in Virginia Tech, where she competed on the swim team.

For her sophomore year, Luana transferred to Southern Methodist University, where she fit in seamlessly. Not only has she adapted well, but she has also started to break records. 

And with the name, image, and likeness rules changing in the NCAA, Luana has capitalized on her newfound stardom. Much like Livvy Dunne, Luana has enjoyed increased fame as social media continues to connect the masses.

While Livvy’s popularity on social media has remained unrivaled, Luana is doing quite well for herself.

Luana Alonso strikes a pose in a red swimsuit with a simple question

Luana took to Twitter to share a trio of pictures, with a simple text reading, “1-2-3?”

It seemed Luana was asking fans to select a favorite, although each picture was beautiful.

The images saw Luana rocking a red bikini with the Victoria’s Secret logo on her hips in crystals. Her bikini top was the Victoria’s Secret Swim Shine Strap Bombshell Add-2-Cups Push-Up Bikini Top, with a price tag of $69.95.

Luana wore the Victoria’s Secret Swim Shine Strap Brazilian Bikini Bottom in black, which retails for $32.95.

While Luana wore red, the two-piece also comes in green, black, and white on the Victoria’s Secret website.

Luana wasn’t promoting the lingerie giant, although a partnership could be around the corner.

Recent posts have seen Luana raking in the dough with brand deals featuring products from her native Paraguay, however.

Luana Alonso promotes Etidol Plus

One brand deal under Luana’s belt has been Etidol Plus, a well-known brand in South America.

Since the targeted audience included people from Luana’s native country, she wrote a Spanish caption.

In the caption, Luana touted the pain-relieving properties of Etidol Plus. Luana also revealed that the “plus” component involves an extra boost.

In addition to relieving pain, Etidol Plus also has caffeine for increased energy. As a college student and an athlete, pain relievers and caffeine likely come in handy for Luana.

Luana’s caption began, “Do you know what is the effective cure for headache? Etidol Plus. Relieves pain super quick because they’re soft capsules and topped with caffeine plus, it’ll keep you focused so you’re not in zombie mode.” 

She continued, “(especially on Sunday morning if you know what I mean)😵💫.”

With just two weeks until her birthday, there is no telling what Luana might do next.

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