Olympic swimmer Kira Toussaint stuns in blue swimsuit for ‘recovery time’

Kira Toussaint showcases toned figure in blue swimsuit.
Kira Toussaint enjoys some “recovery time” in her blue swimsuit after practice. Pic credit: @kiratoussaint/Instagram

The gorgeous Dutch swimmer Kira Toussaint graced her fans yet again with another mesmerizing shot.

The backstroke record holder took to her social media as she posed in her lovely one-piece suit.

Kira was captured sprawled out along the tiled ground as she prepared to perform her after-practice ritual.

The professional swimmer rested one knee on her towel while her other leg other rested gently on top of a black and blue recovery roller.

Kira looked to be enjoying her recovery session as she sported a huge smile across her face while her hair remained wet from practice.

The athlete uploaded the aesthetically-pleasing shot onto her Instagram feed.

Kira Toussaint is effortlessly stunning in her cutout swimsuit

In the post, Kira tagged Pine Crest School, which is located in Boca Raton, Florida.

For the practice session, the swimmer geared up in a low-cut swimsuit that perfectly hugged her body. The low-cut piece was a navy blue hue that featured a couple of gray details throughout the fabric.

As expected, the athlete showcased her natural beauty while her rosy cheeks glistened for the shot.

She captioned the post, “Recovery time ☀️ #thistanlineisgonnabegreat 😂 📷: @monicasolana2.”

Kira Toussaint shares her hard-hitting workout routine

In another recent post, Kira was kind enough to share her intense workout session with her fans.

In the video clip, the athlete was captured doing a variety of different exercises that targeted most muscles throughout her body.

Some of the exercises included heavyset squats, bench presses, and some Romanian deadlifts.

Kira seemed incredibly motivated as she demonstrated perfect form while performing the exercises.

For her gym fit, the swimmer geared up in a white tank top and wore a pair of navy blue biker shorts. She added a pair of comfy, supportive sneakers and threw her long locks into a ponytail.

She captioned the post, “Wednesday weights 💪🏼 #TennesseeTrained.”

Kira Toussaint announces her new ambassador role with Fibby

Kira recently announced that she would be an ambassador for the Dutch swimming startup Fibby.

Fibby is a new organization that has created a swimming device to help children learn to swim at an early age.

It motivates children to become great swimmers with impeccable techniques.

Overall, it’s their dedicated mission to have children swim safely and independently while enjoying the simplistic fun behind a body of water.

In the video, Kira explains her role as the ambassador and why it’s so important for her to team up with this new organization.

However, as an Olympic swimmer, it only makes sense why Kira would happily support and team up with this amazing group of people.

To learn more about Fibby, head to its official website to view its products and overall mission as an organization.

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