Olympic swimmer Kira Toussaint shares ‘throwback shoot’ with Helden Magazine

Kira Toussaint close up
Kira Toussaint showcases her curves in all-white for ensemble for a throwback photo shoot with Helden Magazine. Pic credit: @kiratoussaint/Instagram

Kira Toussaint took a break from her beloved bikinis and form-fitting swimsuits to gear up in an all-white ensemble instead.

The professional swimmer reminisced over a previous photo shoot that she had with Helden Magazine.

The Helden photo shoot happened last summer, and Kira expressed that she longed for another beach shoot.

Kira looked ravishing while she sported her bright white ensemble for the shots.

The athlete was spotted walking along the white sand and posing for the camera while her voluminous blonde locks blew in the wind.

Kira shared the memorable moment with her loyal fans via Instagram.

Kira Toussaint looks heavenly in all-white for a beach photoshoot

In the first slide, Kira casually strolled along the beach while sporting a matching two-piece set.

The set included a long, white blazer that she left fully buttoned for the shot.

In the second slide, Kira was captured from the knees up as she held onto her white blazer while slightly smiling.

This time, the blonde beauty left the blazer unbuttoned while a long, silver necklace covered the space in between the opening of the blazer.

In addition to the long silver chain, Kira also sported a silver bracelet and a large diamond ring.

Furthermore, the Olympian painted her nails to complement the aesthetics as she painted them a dark gray.

To complete the elegant beach look, Kira wore a shimmery eyeshadow across her lids, along with some light touches of blush, giving her cheeks the utmost perfect, rosy look.

She captioned the post, “Throwback to this fun shoot with @heldenmagazine last summer 😍.”

Kira Toussaint loves her beach therapy

As a professional swimmer, it would only make sense for Kira to have a natural attraction to water, and she’s undoubtedly proved time and time again that her admiration is still going strong.

In another one of the athlete’s posts, Kira was spotted enjoying some more beach therapy. However, this time, she was out of her training attire, and instead, she was styled in a vibrant-colored bikini.

The Dutch beauty was photographed as she got out of the water and walked back to shore.

Kira wore a hot pink bikini top and a pair of classic blue, low-rise bottoms. Both pieces fit the swimmer perfectly as they accentuated her toned physique.

The Olympian’s hair remained soaking wet from the refreshing dip while she happily splashed her way back up to the sandy shoreline.

She captioned the post, “Can’t wait to be back on the beach ☀️.”

Kira Toussaint shares her intense workout session

In another recent post, Kira shared her intense workout session with her fans.

In the short video clip, the swimmer was captured doing various exercises designated to target all her muscles.

Some of the exercises included heavyset squats, bench presses, and some Romanian deadlifts.

She captioned the post, “Wednesday weights 💪🏼 #TennesseeTrained.”

Kira seemed incredibly motivated as she demonstrated perfect form while performing the exercises.

For her gym fit, the swimmer geared up in a white tank top and wore a pair of navy blue biker shorts. She added some comfy, supportive sneakers and threw her long locks into a ponytail.

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