Olympic swimmer Kira Toussaint reminisces about her time spent along the beaches in Australia

Kira Toussaint selfie.
Kira Toussaint effortlessly glows along the beach as she poses in her teeny bikini. Pic credit: @kiratoussaint/Instagram

The beloved swimmer Kira Toussaint shared her fondness for the ocean once again as she recently reminisced about her time spent in Australia.

The Olympic swimmer took to her social media, where she shared a throwback photo of herself while she happily posed along the beach.

Kira uploaded not one, but two breathtaking shots as she sat on the gorgeous white sand along the Australian beach.

Per usual, the athlete looked incredible as she naturally glistened beneath the glowing sun.

As she posed, Kira was surrounded by nothing but beautiful Mother Nature itself — beautiful blue skies and vibrant green hills that peered out from beneath the sand.

Even though the swimmer was simply reminiscing, it certainly didn’t take away from the beauty that it captured within the shots.

Kira Toussaint is beautiful in her all-white bikini

Luckily for fans, Kira didn’t hesitate when it came to uploading these heavenly photos as she took them to her Instagram feed, sharing them with her 91,000 followers.

In the first slide, the Dutch beauty skipped the towel and positioned herself in the sand instead.

While she did so, she sported a bright white bikini set. The matching set included a ribbed-textured bikini top and a classic pair of cheeky white bottoms. Both pieces looked phenomenal on the athlete as they showcased her toned physique.

In the second slide, Kira propped herself up onto her knees while she adjusted her bikini bottoms.

Her blonde hair was tied back into a loose bun that blew in the wind behind her while she further rocked a makeup-free face.

She captioned the post, “Take me back please 😍 #Australia #currentlysickinbed 🥲.”

Kira Toussaint promotes Maniac Nails while sharing her beauty tips

In another recent share, Kira was kind enough to share some of her beauty tips, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy set of nails.

As a professional swimmer, it comes as no surprise that Kira is constantly training and practicing in the pool as she maintains a very active lifestyle.

Even though the athlete has very little time on her hands, that hasn’t stopped her from taking care of her nails.

Kira has found a simple solution that doesn’t involve going to the nail salon. Instead, the Olympian found a beauty routine that can be done in the comfort of one’s home.

In the short clip that she shared, the swimmer introduced Maniac Nails. Maniac Nails is a gel polish sticker set that allows customers to create a high-quality gel manicure at home that’s easier, faster, and better for their nails.

The company makes their customers’ beauty routine simple and easy, hence why Kira gravitated toward this fabulous product.

In the clip, the blonde beauty gave her fans a step-by-step demonstration of the process.

Kira took the gel stickers out of her pink bag and carefully applied the gel sets over her real nails. While applying each pink sticker, she expressed that the process only takes about 20 minutes.

By the end of the video, Kira had a beautiful set of gel nails that she had resting under the bright orange Maniac dryer.

She captioned the post, “Beautiful nails, whenever & wherever 🔥💅 #ManiacNails.”

Fans certainly enjoyed Kira’s helpful beauty tips, as the post received over 1,000 likes and a handful of expressive fans in the comment section.

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