Olympic swimmer Kira Toussaint is staying golden for Arena show off

Kira Toussaint selfie
Kira Toussaint is gorgeous as she glistens along the beach in her cheeky swimsuit. Pic credit: @kiratoussaint/Instagram

Kira Toussaint is certainly living her best life as she recently twirled away in her swimsuit under the warm sunshine.

The Olympic swimmer took a break from her routine practices to instead enjoy some downtime along the beach.

As she did so, not only did Kira glisten in one beautiful swimsuit, but she modeled a variety of swimsuits.

Per usual, the athlete turned to one of her favorite companies, Arena swimwear.

Arena is Kira’s go-to shop as she endlessly promotes the company while sporting their lovely, high-quality suits.

Arena even has the athlete’s face featured on their website, and as a result, Kira simply showed her appreciation and gratitude in the form of a try-on haul along the beach.

Kira Toussaint looks gorgeous as she glows along the beach

Luckily, Kira took to her Instagram feed with the haul as she kindly linked all of the suits in the video as well.

For her first suit, the swimmer sported Arena’s Shiny Gold Triangle Bikini, listed at $60.

For her next try-on, Kira donned another gold piece, but this time, it was in their Diamond Back Swimsuit, which retails for $60 as well.

Some of the other beautiful one-pieces included Arena’s black and gold checkered swimsuits, which are both listed at $78 on their site.

To complete this beach look, the athlete simply left her hair down in its natural curls as it bounced around to the rhythm of Kira’s motions.

Regardless of whatever suit she tried on, Kira looked phenomenal as they all highlighted her incredibly toned physique.

The post was captioned, “Stay Golden ☀️ #arena50 #PlanetWater #arenawaterinstinct.”

Kira Toussaint shares her specialized training and workout routine

When the Olympian isn’t busy soaking up the sunshine along the beach, she’s training away at the gym instead.

In another Instagram post, Kira was kind enough to share her specialized workout regimen with her fans.

In the short video clip, the athlete was captured doing various exercises that targeted most of her muscles throughout her body.

Some of the exercises included heavyset squats, bench presses, and even some Romanian deadlifts.

Kira seemed incredibly determined and motivated as she demonstrated perfect form while performing each exercise.

More so, for her gym fit, the swimmer geared up in a white, cropped tank top and a pair of navy blue biker shorts.

For her footwear essentials, Kira decided to go with a pair of white training sneakers while she further threw her blonde locks back into a ponytail.

She rocked a naturally gorgeous face while she successfully conquered another intense day of training.

The post was simply captioned, “Wednesday weights ?? #TennesseeTrained.”

Fans should follow Kira on Instagram to browse through more of her workout videos while keeping up-to-date with her next big race and upcoming events.

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