Olympic skateboarder Leticia Bufoni shares serene moment during scenic mountain hike

Leticia Bufoni close up.
Leticia Bufoni takes a nice scenic walk along the mountains with her new puppy. Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

As an Olympic skateboarder, it is no surprise that Leticia Bufoni is always on the hunt for an exhilarating adventure as she loves keeping her energy level at an all-time high.

In her latest share, the Brazilian beauty demonstrated just that as she hit the mountains for a nice, scenic hike.

However, Leticia didn’t commit to this epic adventure alone as she was happily accompanied by her husky puppy, also known as her new partner in crime.

The six-time X Games gold medalist announced the exciting news last month through a series of Instagram Stories where she first introduced her new, beautiful pup.

Since then, it seems as though the two have been inseparable as they have been thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, no matter the circumstances.

For this particular adventure, Leticia took to her Instagram Story, where she shared the picturesque shot with her 4.2 million followers.

Leticia Bufoni enjoys a peaceful, scenic hike along the mountains with her new furry friend

In the photograph she provided, Leticia stood confidently with a satisfied look on her face as she and her pup stood under the warm, glowing sun.

The professional street skateboarder further propped herself on a rock while the gorgeous green mountains made their debut in the background.

Leticia sported a black, cropped tank top that effortlessly complemented her toned obliques.

She coordinated the casual top with a pair of gray, high-waisted sweatpants and a white hoodie that was wrapped tightly around her waist.

The athlete prepared for her hike accordingly as her footwear essentials consisted of a pair of comfortable yet supportive white sneaks.

She went on to accessorize with a white Apple Watch and a black water bottle, which she had resting on the rock alongside her pup.

Leticia Bufoni enjoys a nice walk.
Leticia Bufoni enjoys a scenic hike along the mountains with her new husky puppy. Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

Leticia recently parted ways with her bright pink hair as she went for more natural color this time around. Her new hairdo consists of some beautiful blonde tones and a slight trim along the bottom.

As for her pup, the precious husky was walking in style as she sported a blue leash while she rested right alongside Leticia on the rock.

The two companions seemed to relish in the beautiful moment while together they encapsulated the perfect image of a carefree yet peaceful hike along the mountains.

Leticia Bufoni indulges in another thrill-seeking adventure while promoting Sea-doo

If Leticia is not practicing some new tricks on her beloved skateboard, the athlete is guaranteed to be out on the water instead, playing with a fun new toy.

In another recent share, Leticia was filmed zipping around on her new Sea-Doo. The skateboarder showed no signs of fear as she blasted through the rippling ocean water while she even smiled and waved at the camera.

While she cruised around, the Olympian announced that she teamed up with the company as one of their ambassadors.

In the clip, Leticia shared her love for both the company and the stunning teal jet ski that she rode on.

The X Games athlete was even captured hopping onto the wakeboard for a quick second while she spun around to accomplish a perfect 360.

Leticia smiled from ear to ear while she enjoyed her new toy and the company that surrounded her.

The caption read, “I love living in the Sea-Doo life! 💙😎 Check out the link in my bio to see [email protected]

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