Olympic skateboarder Leticia Bufoni shares excitement for Brazilian World Cup win

Leticia Bufoni looks stunning for a game of vollyball.
Leticia Bufoni looks stunning while she shares her excitement with fans. Pic credit: @LeticiaBufoni/Twitter

Leticia Bufoni shared her excitement for the Brazilian soccer team after a big FIFA World Cup win.

Brazil demonstrated its amazing skill set and exceptional playing through a recent win against South Korea.

As expected, Leticia rooted for her team along the way as she celebrated their victorious win as they now head into the next round.

The Olympic star herself took to Instagram as she shared a collage of epic footage that she clipped together to further share with her fans.

Leticia shared some special volleyball and skateboard footage as she smiled and laughed in all of the shots.

Her 4.3 million Instagram followers were surely in for a treat as they got to indulge in the scenic, celebratory clips.

Leticia Bufoni stuns in a collage of celebratory clips

In the post, the professional skateboarder uploaded a well-crafted clip that featured some of her previous accomplishments.

In the first couple of seconds of the video, Leticia was pictured outside on the grass while she wore a stunning, teeny black bikini.

As she styled in her bikini she got into a crouched position and then bounced a volleyball over her head.

It looks like Leticia has a wide-ranged set of skills that go far beyond her beloved skateboard.

In the other clips, Leticia was pictured riding on her skateboard while she landed a couple of sweet tricks in front of a large crowd.

She also shared a few of bittersweet moments from some previous wins as she held her board up in the air and vigorously shook a Red Bull can.

Lastly, she incorporated a fun shot of her off-roading in her new fast toy while she was then captured posing with the Brazilian flag by the end of the clip.

She captioned the post, “@bateriasmoura, who has as much energy as I do, is with me to cheer for Brazil to bring another title ? ?? Mark #EnergiaBrasileira and let’s go together!!”

Leticia Bufoni is a proud member of the Tiger Beer team

In another recent post, the fan-favorite skateboarder shared an announcement in which she excitedly expressed her partnership with Tiger Beer.

The skateboarder shared the news that she would be joining the team while she was captured smiling and holding the beer tightly in her hand.

Tiger Beer is a refreshing and rather tasty pure malt beer that is based in Singapore.

While the Olympian expressed her admiration for the product, she wore a stunning, bright orange bodysuit that featured a pretty pink zipper down the front.

The orange hues against her bright pink hair were the perfect combination to make for one electrifying fit.

She captioned the post, “It’s official, I’m now part of the @tigerbeerbr, team, the pure malt beer born on the streets of Singapore! ? Spent an entire day with Tiger at the last leg of the @sls, in Rio de Janeiro, and this time as a fan. It’s been a while! Get connected because a lot of good things are coming ?.”

Fans came out to show their love for their favorite Brazilian skateboarder as the promotional post secured 26k likes and over 100 expressive fans in the comment section.

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