Olympic pole vaulter Alysha Newman in sports bra shows off toned physique

alysha newman
Olympian Alysha Newman is gorgeous in spandex as she shows off her fit physique. Pic credit: @alyshanewman/Instagram

Olympian athlete Alysha Newman shared her pre-workout look with fans in a beautiful selfie with motivational words featured prominently in the shot.

She took to her Instagram Stories to share her latest picture.

Alysha wore a red sports bra with the Nike name written multiple times on the underwire. She paired the sports bra with matching red spandex with pant legs that ended just before her ankles.

Her toned obliques peeked out from underneath the ensemble.

Alysha went into selfie mode in a gorgeous room with blue and gold colors. She caught her reflection in the mirror and captured the moment as she held her phone in one hand and let the other fall by her side.

The athlete posed on a tan carpet as she pivoted her hips and extended one toe to reveal black socks with Nike symbols on each foot.

Alysha Newman stuns in red spandex

She rocked her shoulder-length blonde hair in a half-up, half-down style. Alysha kept the accessories simple with a gold medallion around her neck.

She wrote in white text over the picture, “Everyday kind of thing,” with a running man emoji, creating smoke.

alysha newman
Pic credit: @alyshanewman/Instagram

Behind Alysha, there was a dark-colored dresser with two large drawers. Atop the dresser, there was a bottle of water, a few books, a set of headphones, and a container of lotion. Beside the bed, there was an oversized headboard with tan fabric that perfectly matched the vibe of the room.

Alysha was named to Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2021 alongside influencer and model, Cindy Kimberly, and Irina Shayk. She discussed how she fueled her body in a recent interview.

Unsurprisingly, health and nutrition are very important to the Olympic-level athlete.

Alysha Newman talks diet and priorities

Alysha spoke with about her diet and focus when she works out and hits the gym.

She said, “If I were going to put it on a scale, my mentality is priority number one, nutrition is number two, and practice is number three. I put my nutrition before practice because I have to fuel my body with the best nutrients to get the best results.”

Then, Alysha used a driving analogy to bring her point home.

She explained, “It’s extremely important to put the proper nutrients in your body, especially during long, hard, and critical practices. If you don’t eat right, it’s like putting cheap gas in your car. Yeah, it’ll drive, but not as well as it should. Our bodies are the same way.”

It seems that Alysha’s mentality and practices have served her well, as she has won multiple Olympic gold medals.

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