Olympian Darya Klishina stuns in a sheer dress with a gorgeous view

Darya Klishina smiles into the camera.
Olympian Darya Klishina is stunning in a sheer dress at the beach. Pic credit: @dariaklishina/Instagram

Olympian Darya Klishina was gorgeous in a sheer dress with a spectacular view.

The sheer white dress flowed loosely to Darya’s mid-shins and featured a square neckline. It gave the athlete a sweet look and complemented her complexion as well as the deep blue of the sea.

Darya paired the dress with a small nude-colored cardigan with sleeves pushed up to her elbows. The cardigan matched the sandals nicely, which featured the same color and were clasped around the ankle.

The Russian long jumper was accessorized with a simple gold necklace with a small pendant and a gold ring on the middle finger of her left hand. Her nails were manicured with a dark color that contrasted with the lighter shades of her outfit.

Darya wore her bright blonde hair loose and parted just off center, letting it flow in the wind behind her shoulders. Her makeup was natural, and her smile was genuine as she basked in the nature around her.

The beach was just as lovely as Darya, with a bright blue sky, a turquoise sea with waves, and soft white sands that matched Darya’s cardigan and sandals.

The 31-year-old athlete posted the photo to Instagram on Saturday with the caption, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” The post received over 3,000 likes.

Darya Klishina promotes athletic brand

Darya’s success in her athletic career has led her to make deals with brands, especially athletic ones. The long jumper posted a photo promoting Dryworld, an athletic footwear and apparel company.

In the photo, Darya wore a black sports bra with multiple overlapping straps in the back, which gave the athletic look a bit of an elegant flair. Darya wore her blonde hair back with braids on the sides and a serious look on her face, which was both natural and beautiful.

The background was a blurred beach with buildings on the ocean side, and it seemed as though Darya was exercising on the beach.

Darya says physical activity promotes self-confidence

The Olympian included in her caption, “physical activity is the fastest and most affordable way to gain a sense of comfort and self-confidence.”

She went on to say that wearing apparel from Dryworld would help with comfort and self-confidence.

The post earned over 4,000 likes and over 70 comments.

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