Olivia Wilde shows off Gucci bra on Instagram

Olivia Wilde poses for photos at 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Olivia Wilde arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 9, 2020 in Beverly Hills. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Actress Olivia Wilde shared a photo on Instagram featuring herself in a sheer Gucci bra, with fans and celebrities eating it up.

This post comes only weeks after the actress posted a censored nude photo on her Instagram that received a lot of backlash.

Olivia Wilde in sheer Gucci

Olivia Wilde posted a photo of herself in a sheer Gucci bra with the caption “Oh what a niiiight, @gucci.”

The ability to post comments on the post is limited, but Wilde received a lot of compliments from other celebrities and fans.

Dawn O’Porter commented, “Are those cheek bones by Gucci too? I want them,” while many others simply commented emojis.

Diane Keaton and Dawn O'Porter comment on Olivia Wilde's Instagram post
Diane Keaton and Dawn O’Porter’s comments on Olivia Wilde’s post. Pic credit: @oliviawilde/Instagram

Diane Keaton commented a slew of heart emojis under the actress’s photo.

The sheer bra was featured as part of Wilde’s outfit for the Gucci Love Parade event earlier this week, but her Instagram post gives a closer look into the detail.

This post of Wilde’s is receiving much more praise than a set of photos she posted on October 13.

The first photo on October 13 is a censored nude photo, which many people on her Instagram loved, but some believe she is acting out due to her relationship with Harry Styles.

The 33 comments on this Instagram post are filled with support from her followers, as not everyone can comment on the post. However, several of Wilde’s past Instagram posts use the feature to limit comments, not just her more risqué content.

comments on Oliva Wilde's censored nude Instagram pic
Fans commented on Olivia’s censored nude photo. Pic credit: @oliviawilde/Instagram

Wilde’s revealing Instagram posts have sparked speculation in fans that her relationship with Harry Styles is coming to an end, but these speculations have not been confirmed.

Tweet predicting Oliva Wilde and Harry Styles break up
A Twitter user predicts Olivia and Harry’s relationship future. Pic credit: @futurizing_/Twitter

In fact, Wilde just dressed up for Halloween to support Harry Styles’ Halloween concert.

Many fans enjoyed her Dolly Parton costume as she attended the event.

However, there are fans that think Wilde is going to ruin Styles’ reputation and that he should get out of their relationship fast.

A tweet claiming Olivia Wilde is ruining Harry Styles image
A fan thinks Olivia is “ruining” Styles’s image. Pic credit: @viviblackwood/Twitter

As of right now, they are still together and there do not appear to be any publicly known issues with the relationship.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ relationship

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ relationship became public at the beginning of this year after the couple had reportedly been seeing each other for a few weeks.

The pair worked on Wilde’s film Don’t Worry Darling together and it is speculated that they first became close on the set of the film.

Many fans are concerned about the age difference between the two, as Wilde is 10 years older than Styles, but the couple appears to be happy even amidst recent breakup rumors.

However, the only known breakup in their relationship timeline is when Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis called off their engagement.

The majority of the breakup rumors between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde appear to be generated by fans who dislike their relationship, or believe that Harry is not truly attracted to Olivia based on one of his performances over the weekend, where he wore a dress and flaunted LGBTQ+ Pride colors.

Neither Styles nor Wilde has commented on the public speculation, and no sources have reported any issues in their relationship.

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