Olivia Wilde highlights toned abs in leggings and crop top

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde exercises in yoga pants in Los Angeles. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Olivia Wilde was pictured with a smile after a morning workout in Los Angeles. 

She most recently starred in the star-studded, epic period comedy Babylon alongside Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and Li Jun Li. 

Wilde portrayed Ina Conrad in the movie, which failed to make a profit at the box office. 

The Hollywood star looked toned and fit as she put on purple leggings with a green cropped hoody. 

Wilde’s solid midriff was visible in the Alo long-sleeve top that showcased her small waist. 

The 38-year-old actress styled her long hair with a middle part and put it in a ponytail. 

In the photo, her skin looked flawless without makeup, and she accessorized with small earrings and large black sunshades.

Olivia Wilde in yoga pants
Pic credit: RIWE / BACKGRID

The Babylon star split from Harry Styles last November after the pair dated for two years. 

The British pop star also starred in her latest directed film, Don’t Worry Darling, in a lead role opposite Florence Pugh.

According to reports at the time of their split, the pair remain friends and are taking a break from their relationship. 

How Olivia Wilde stays in shape with an imperfect diet and fitness routine

Wilde revealed in an interview that she struggles with discipline when it comes to her eating habits and staying consistent with her workouts. However, she tries to keep a healthy balance.

In an interview with CNBC Make It, she opened up about her lifestyle choices. 

She admitted that she struggles with keeping disciplined, telling the publication, “I try to,” in regard to eating clean, adding, “but it’s all about balance.”

“I think anyone who’s ever had even a small period of their life where they clean up their act — first begin to eat healthy food and exercise and use natural products — they’ll always say … I feel my best,” she said, continuing: 

“But sometimes it’s hard to sustain that lifestyle. You know it’s tricky for anybody to stay totally clean.”

Wilde tries to make healthy food choices, such as avoiding processed foods but occasionally enjoys Coca-Cola.

She does not have a strict fitness routine either; she lived in New York City then and opted for walking to burn calories or going up a flight of stairs rather than using a lift.

The actress also stays consciously active by walking while taking calls rather than sitting.

Olivia Wilde talked about Don’t Worry Darling rumors in an interview with Elle Magazine

Following the departure of Shia Labeouf from the lead role in Don’t Worry Darling and the drama that ensued, rumors spread of a rift between Wilde and the film’s star Florence Pugh. 

In an interview with Elle, the actor-director said she was disappointed with the rumors surrounding the film being turned into social media fodder. 

She told the publication that she wanted people to pay attention to the movie rather than on-set rumors. 

Wilde also accused the media of pitting women against one another regarding the Florence Pugh feud rumors. 

She went on to praise the actress in the interview. “She’s so generous in her acting in every scene. She makes everyone around her better,” Wilde said.

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