Olivia Wilde all smiles in tiny bikini following Harry Styles split

Olivia WIlde smiling
Olivia Wilde makes her return with a small. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Olivia Wilde is not letting anything kill her joy. The famed director, who is known to use social media sporadically, decided to check in with fans with a rare photo.   

The actress took a selfie on a hammock wearing a gorgeous navy bikini that featured a bandeau top with silver buttons.  

Olivia was caught mid-laugh, lying next to her friend Babs Burchfield. This was great to see, considering the recent news between her and Harry Styles. 

The actress recently broke up with her boyfriend, Harry, after two years of dating.  

The couple parted ways due to struggles dealing with long distance. Right now, Harry Styles is currently touring across the world, and Olivia has been dealing with her own career as well as being a mom to her two children.  

Despite the recent breakup, the two are remaining amicable. They are reportedly currently on break but hope to still remain good friends.  

Olivia Wilde is here to save your skin with True Botanical 

Olvia is a big fan of True Botanicals and stands by their products. The actress has been working with the brand for years and is passionate about what they put out to the public. Recently, the brand came out with its latest tinted sunscreen, and the Don’t Worry Darling actress and director showed her support. 

She posted a gorgeous closeup of her face, showing her 4.2 million followers that the products really work and could even help their lives. 

“Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Scary. But preventable,” she posted in her caption. “Protect yourself, naturally, and toss out your foundation because you won’t need it. Everyday Skin Tint, SPF 30.”  

Olivia Wilde has used the line exclusively for a long time. When talking to the brand, she admitted that True Botanicals changed her skin for the better. So, it’s no surprise that she stands by their new releases and endorses them heavily.  

Olivia Wilde has everyone seeing green 

While posing for Vogue, Olivia stunned while wearing a beautiful green ensemble from Gucci. She wore a bralette that featured a deep v-neckline and small spaghetti straps.

Over her, she wore a cropped white fur coat that looked stunning on her. Olivia paired it with a matching pencil skirt that fit her perfectly.  

The actress kept things simple and wore her hair down in light beachy curls. Her makeup looked very natural, with a focus on highlighting her natural features.  

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2 months ago

Olivia doesn’t look as good as Candice Swanepoel