Olivia Ponton shows off amazing legs in thigh-skimming minidress

Olivia Ponton in a selfie
Olivia Ponton highlights her amazing legs. Pic credit: @olivia.ponton/Instagram

Olivia Ponton is one of those social media personalities that captures her fans’ attention and keeps them on their toes.

Ponton became an influencer in 2020 when she began posting TikToks during the pandemic. Needless to say, that paid off.

She recently reminded everyone why she became such a sensation showing odd her incredible style in a recent photograph.

Ponton looked stunning wearing a plunging black minidress. The top had a corset look, and the bottom had a high slit on her right leg, adding a very sexy touch.

She decided to put on a cool cropped leather jacket on top of her shoulders to protect herself from the elements just a little.

Next, for shoewear, she opted for a very famous style of boots these days, which are black high-thigh chunky platforms that stylish her legs and make them look longer.

Olivia Ponton shows off her legs in an all-black outfit

For accessories, she wore a black top knot around her neck, adding sophistication to this look.

She also wore a pair of sunglasses, hoop earrings, a gold bracelet and rings, and last but not least, a black leather bag hanging from her shoulder.

Ponton posted this picture to her Instagram Stories, promoting the Steve Maden boots she is wearing. Her account now has over 3 million followers.

Olivia Ponton posing for the camera
Olvia Ponton shows off her incredible outfit for the day. Pic credit: @olivia.ponton/Instagram

Olivia Ponton comes out as bisexual

The 20-year-old is a model and social media star who caused a lot of speculation about her sexuality online.

Ponton met her ex-girlfriend Kaila Novak thanks to TikTok and “became thoroughly obsessed with her.” A very Gen Z moment for sure. She told Teen Vogue that she carefully considered whether or not to slide into Novak’s DM’s for some time until she finally decided to take the chance.

The model also commented that the stereotypes for women who like women were tricky to navigate, as LGBT+ women are often stereotyped as less feminine. She said, “I’m very feminine, I wear a lot of makeup, and I think people always have this stereotype towards [queer women] that’s unfair.”

The couple started to date back in January 2021, though it is unclear if they are still together now.

Ponton used her platform to let younger girls know that it’s okay if they don’t know their sexuality yet and that they can figure it out when they’re older. She also believes that coming out as a different sexuality should be more regular and should only be done once the person is ready to let the world know.

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