Olivia Ponton in fishnets dresses up as Harley Quinn

Olivia Ponton snaps a selfie
Olivia Ponton looks gorgeous, wearing colorful and fun accessories with no makeup for a selfie. Pic credit:@olivia.ponton/Instagram

Social media personality Olivia Ponton definitely stepped up her game this Halloween.

This popular holiday is a fun time for people to express their creativity and be whoever or whatever they want.

Many celebrities dressed up this year, and their outfits always give the media and public something to talk about.

That is the case with Ponton’s costume for this year, Harley Quinn.

The well-known DC supervillain was a popular Halloween costume when the Suicide Squad movie came out in 2016. Ponton decided to reminisce about those days and dressed up as the interesting character played by Margot Robbie in the film.

She started her costume with a ripped white and red shirt featuring the phrase “Daddy’s Lil Monster” across her chest, with a red bra underneath.

Olivia Ponton wows in her Harley Quinn costume

With her Harley Quinn Costume, Ponton showed off her toned abs by wearing sparkly half-red and half-blue low-rise mini shorts. She layered them on top of black fishnet tights.

For her shoewear, she opted for some black leather boots and put on a shiny blue and red jacket to finish off the character’s look.

Ponton took her costume to another level by focusing on the accessories, including a black choker with gold letters across it.

She also used a smoky blue and red look for her eyes, with some of the color dripping down to her cheek. She even drew a heart with eyeliner right underneath her left eye.

Ponton also put on a few fake tattoos. The biggest of them was one she placed on her lower abdomen that read, “Lucky You.”

Her blonde hair was styled into two very messy ponytails, with the ends colored in the same colors as her outfit.

Olivia Ponton becomes a judge for Miss USA

The 20-year-old doesn’t only want to be an influencer and model, but she also wants to be a fashion judge.

Ponton was able to judge the Miss USA contestants this past October 3 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada.

She sat next to five other experts, including Ashee Clarke, Soo Yeon Lee, Aaron Potts, Nicole Williams-English, and Kirk Myers.

The TikToker looked incredible in a black strapless gown with a high slit on her left leg. She parted her hair down the middle and really slicked it to hold for the entire night.

To finish off this look, she wore high black shiny leather platform heels and a black shoulder bag.

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