Olivia O’Brien stuns in purple bikini to show off favorite color

Olivia O'Brien snaps a selfie
Olivia O’Brien looks gorgeous with red hair and a natural makeup look for a car selfie. Pic credit:@oliviaobrien/Instagram

American singer and songwriter Olivia O’Brien is in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, enjoying the sun right now.

After a busy year releasing different projects and focusing on creating music, Olivia decided to take a well-deserved break with one of her best friends Kelsey Calemine.

The two of them have been posting pictures non-stop of the beautiful views Mexico has to offer, as well as some of her incredible holiday outfits.

The singer recently looked fabulous, showing off her curves in a purple bikini that she layered with a multicolor sheer button-up long-sleeve shirt.

She tied her now-red hair into a ponytail and left some front pieces out to frame her face. To accessorize this look, she continued the purple moment by carrying a shoulder bag. Then, she put on a green necklace, a colorful waist chain, and a few bracelets.

Olivia posted these pictures on her Instagram and captioned this post, “i might be in a new era but purple is still my fav color. purpleword never dies.”

Olivia O’Brien poses with friend Kelsey Calemine while enjoying holiday at Cabo San Lucas

The songwriter seems to be having a lot of fun with Calemine in Mexico.

Just the other day, she shared some pictures of her bright and dazzling night-out outfit– a matching yellow and pink tanktop and miniskirt.

She sat on a chair to show off her long legs, heeled sandals, and bejeweled pink handbag.

Olivia posed with her friend, who also wore a matching two-piece, except hers was blue.

Olivia O’Brien talks about her go-to snacks and pre-show routine

The 22-year-old became widely known after she collaborated with Gnash on the single I Hate You, I Love You which ended up peaking at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and eventually landed her a constant with Island Records, which is the label of many other important names in the music industry like Sabrina Carpenter, Demi Lovato, and Shawn Mendes.

The singer talked to Genius about her backstage routine– her must-have snacks, hair, makeup, outfits, and more. She mentioned she tries to stay healthy, but it is hard to do sometimes while on the road. Her go-to snacks are KIND bars and Trader Joe’s Cocoa Batons.

When it came to her makeup, she explained her rushed timeline. “Sometimes, I don’t even have time to do my makeup before the show. I’ll have 30 minutes to do my hair and my makeup. I have extensions, so I have a lot of hair on my head right now, and it takes me a long time to do my hair. So whatever I can do, I will do.”

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