Olivia O’Brien stuns in Alo outfit for ‘best workout ever’

Olivia O'Brien poses for a selfie
Olivia O’Brien promoted Alo following a satisfying workout. Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

Olivia O’Brien stunned in an Alo activewear set after finishing a workout. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter stopped to take a post-workout car selfie to share with her followers.

O’Brien got to experience the dual benefits of Alo as the company offers both clothes and workout sessions. As a result, O’Brien worked out with Alo and got to go home with a cute new outfit.

In addition to looking stunning in her new outfit, she declared that her workout with Alo was the “best workout ever.”

Alo sent her off in a matching black workout set consisting of a sports bra and leggings. The causal-looking outfit was mainly black, with some darker-toned lines decorating the edges.

O’Brien also wore a light blue jacket over her set but unzippered to reveal her Alo outfit. The sports bra and leggings hugged her figure nicely and showed her toned midriff.

She posed for the photo in the car with her hair tied up in a messy bun and with a neutral expression on her face.

Olivia O’Brien promoted Alo with her outfit and workout session

O’Brien was full of praise for Alo as she promoted them with her car selfie. In addition to repping their activewear, she complimented them on their extremely fulfilling workout session.

She also shared several more Instagram Stories to show her viewers why she was so hyped about her Alo workout.

Olivia O'Brien poses for a car selfie
Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

In an Instagram Story, she showed how dazzling the interior of the Alo studio is. In one photo, she shared a picture of herself in a black spandex top and shorts next to some rectangular tubs filled with clear blue water.

According to her, the tubs are used for a “cold plunge,” likely to cool off and ice muscles after a tough workout. O’Brien stated that she was shocked she actually loved the cold plunge.

Olivia O'Brien shares photos inside Alo studio
Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

In a second photo posted to her story, she revealed she got to work with Alo’s head trainer, Louis Chandler. She also showed her and some other girls doing an exercise with pink resistance bands.

Olivia O'Brien working out at Alo studio
Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

O’Brien created a glowing promotion for Alo as she highlighted both the company’s activewear and grueling workouts.

O’Brien recently slammed negative rumors about her

Just a few days before promoting Alo, O’Brien took to social media to describe her frustration with people starting “weird rumors/lies” about her. She bemoaned the fact that many of her recent tweets had been her trying to defend herself.

She also expressed a desire to try to ignore what people were saying about her and concluded the message by expressing her love for her fans.

Olivia O'Brien Tweets
Pic credit: @oliviagobrien/Twitter

The same day she posted about ignoring rumors and lies, she posted another tweet advocating body positivity. She stated that it is natural for women to experience weight fluctuations.

O’Brien reiterated that women are beautiful regardless of the number on the scale. She also urged her followers not to let other people’s “weird opinions” make them lose confidence in themselves.

Olivia O'Brien Tweets
Pic credit: @oliviagobrien/Twitter

Meanwhile, five days before those messages, she clarified that she doesn’t have a PR team. She clarified this detail after her followers started alleging that her PR team was trying to make her appear “quirky and funny.”

Olivia O'Brien Tweets
Pic credit: @oliviagobrien/Twitter

Despite the rumors and lies, O’Brien still seems to be sticking to her resolution to ignore the haters online. She looked wholly unbothered and happy as she went about her day with Alo, and she continues to share snippets of her life regardless of what others say.

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