Olivia O’Brien shows off flawless curves in sheer red dress

Olivia O'Brien
Olivia O’Brien stunned in a see-through red outfit. Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

Olivia O’Brien surely didn’t miss out on the opportunity to show off her sultry side with her latest fiery look.

The 22-year-old singer recently shared a set of snaps highlighting her tattoos and toned physique.

Olivia stood in front of a circular mirror in the photos shared for her 1.4 million followers on her Instagram Story. She held onto a railing as she gazed into the camera.

Her outfit primarily consisted of a striped red dress with a V-cut plunging neckline.

The dress featured a striped design that consisted of opaque and netted fabrics, allowing her black underwear to be seen through the see-through sections.

Since the dress was sleeveless, Olivia’s many arm tattoos were clearly shown as she held her arms over the railing, and the mirror caught her reflection in the background.

Olivia O’Brien poses in a sheer red dress and black underwear

Although the Josslyn singer has been known to rock a few different hair colors, she kept the all-red theme strong as her glossy copper locks fell in loose waves over her shoulders.

Olivia also opted to keep her jewelry and accessories minimal to let her revealing dress do all the talking.

Olivia O'Brien's Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

Although the singer often shares her latest outfits and glamour shots with followers on social media, she dealt with many years of insecurities before making her way into the public eye.

Olivia O’Brien says she fell victim to beauty standards

In an interview with Insider earlier this year, Olivia opened up about the triggering societal standards for women in today’s world. At only 22 years old, she admitted to feeling pressure when maintaining a certain image.

“Being a young woman in Hollywood, I’ve always felt like I notice the most insanely tiny minuscule flaws in myself and it causes huge insecurity. Things I feel like I should edit out of photos,” she revealed.

Olivia said that she got a nose job at the age of 16 after being bullied since the age of nine — causing years of insecurities.

However, although she is pro-plastic surgery and firmly believes that women should do whatever makes them feel most confident, she still believes that women shouldn’t feel as if they need to change something about their appearance to be accepted.

“Anyone can be pretty. Congratulations on your face. Congratulations on your body,” Olivia said, adding, “That’s awesome for you, but that’s not what makes someone a good person. If you think being hot is the only thing you need to make someone like you or fall in love with you or to be popular… I would never, ever, ever choose a friend or idolize someone just based on only the way that they look.”

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