Olivia O’Brien is pretty in dainty pink string bikini

Olivia O'Brien snaps a selfie
Olivia O’Brien looks incredible with red hair and natural makeup to snap a car selfie. Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

American singer and songwriter Olivia O’Brien is enjoying some well-deserved vacations.

Olivia is in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico, with her famous friend, Kelsey Calemine.

The singer recently showed her fans her incredible physique by taking a mirror selfie wearing a pretty bikini.

This two-piece was a light shade of pink with flowers on one side of her chest and white borders.

She threw her now-red hair into a messy bun and left some front pieces down to frame her face.

She posted this picture on her Instagram Stories for her 1.4 million followers to see, making sure to tag the brand this bikini belongs to.

Oliva O’Brien snaps a bikini mirror selfie while in Cabo San Lucas

The songwriter has been busy lately, as she recently just released her single Never Be The One early this month.

Not only that, but this November 18, she is releasing a micro mixtape titled Means To An End, which she announced back in October.

Olivia O'Brien snaps a mirror selfie
Olivia O’Brien shows her followers her physique and bikini while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

Olivia posted more pictures of her bright beach outfits on her social media. She used this pink and yellow sparkly matching top and miniskirt for a night out with Calemine.

She accessorized with a pink necklace and a handbag of the same color and made sure her makeup looked fresh and blinding.

Olivia gave this post a funny caption that read, “our honeymoon is going great so far!”

Olivia O’Brien shares her makeup routine for going on stage

The 22-year-old spoke with Genius about her pre-show routine, giving her fans some insight into what happens when she is on tour.

She spoke about her pre-show process, outfits, hair, snacks, must-haves, and makeup.

Olivia revealed that since everything happens so quickly and is rushed, she sometimes can’t seem to find the time to do a full glam of makeup.

“I’ll have 30 minutes to do my hair and my makeup. I have extensions, so I have a lot of hair on my head right now, and it takes me a long time to do my hair. So whatever I can do, I will do.”

She talked about her hair transformations and how changing the color sometimes makes her feel more like a renewed version of herself. She also mentioned that she has a rigorous skincare routine to prevent her skin from undergoing significant changes while on the road.

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