Olivia O’Brien gushes over new Sza album in beautiful shot

Olivia O'Brien is wearing extremely short shorts as she heads down Ventura Blvd to grab some juice. Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram
Olivia O’Brien is wearing extremely short shorts as she heads down Ventura Blvd to grab some juice. Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

Olivia O’Brien was one of many who had an emotional response after Sza released her album, so she cried about it, then went for a juice run.

She took a stroll down Ventura Boulevard and, donning a stylish crop top and cheeky shorts, documented her experience through photos she later posted on her Instagram.

Olivia treated her 1.4 million followers on the platform to the jam-packed carousel, and fans promptly rewarded her with double taps.

Although Olivia hid her like count, it would be fair to assume that some of Olivia’s followers enjoyed the pictures.

She stopped at one of the juice bars during her walk to grab a refreshing drink. Of course, the social media guru was sure to post her order, a tasty-looking green juice. After that, she continued to explore the city, enjoying the vibrant culture and atmosphere.

Olivia’s IG Story conveyed the emotional response she had after listening to Sza’s new album.

Olivia O’Brien stuns in Ventura Blvd juice run

Olivia first revealed that she was the happiest she had ever been. Those strong words clearly described the impact that Sza’s music had on the songwriter.

olivia shorts
Pic credit: @oliviaobrien/Instagram

Olivia also shared an IG carousel, posing against a vintage car with bright blue skies.

Olivia posed against the yellow car and tilted her head as she struck a pose with her hands on her barely-there blue shorts. She paired the shorts with a black zipper-down hoodie cropped to show her tiny waist.

The stunning redhead wore a flower in her hair with bangs. The sun touched the top of Olivia’s head, adding another layer of beauty to the stunning shot.

The second image was of Olivia’s back. She placed the flower previously in her shorts on the small of her back.

Another picture showed Olivia and a precious cat who Olivia met after grabbing green juice. She sat down with the feline companion who so graciously blessed Olivia with its energy.

Finally, Olivia posted a close-up shot of the green juice and the same pink flower.

Olivia’s caption was informative and full of biographical information.

She wrote, “i’m olivia, i’m 23, and i enjoy long walks on ventura blvd.”

Olivia O’Brien’s makeup must-haves

Olivia sat down with Genius in 2019 and revealed her makeup must-have items.

Olivia explained, “I have a really intensive skincare routine, so I make sure I do that every day. I go to an esthetician, so they’re all products I get from her.”

Next, Olivia revealed some of her favorite products, also dermatologist favorites.

She continued, “I do like glycolic acid, aha, benzoyl peroxide. Vitamin C cream is good. Anastasia Brow Wiz and Boy Brow, those are really good but I don’t use them every day. Honestly, probably bronzer, just because I need that contour.”

Olivia clearly knows a thing or two about skincare because her skin is always glowing.

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