Olivia Culpo slays in the kitchen as she cooks Italian food

Olivia Culpo close up
Olivia Culpo showed off her figure in a black, low-cut leotard. Pic credit: ©

Olivia Culpo is usually known for her influencer status, Miss Universe credentials, and dramatic family, but many fans don’t know that she’s into food as well.

The Culpo Sisters star cooked an Italian recipe, which appeared to be some type of calzone, and paired it with Rao’s marinara sauce, of which she’s a partner.

The brunette bombshell stood in her kitchen, having cooked the mouth-watering recipe along with the Rao’s dipping sauce, though she didn’t appear to be dressed for the occasion.

The reality star wore a low-cut black one-piece leotard that emphasized her hourglass waist, paired with oversized black leather pants that fell off her hips in an elegant style.

Olivia’s brunette bob was styled in classic waves as she leaned her head down to give the viewer a taste of her delicious offering.

Her eye makeup looked natural and glowing, with a bit of mascara and mauve pink lipstick giving her a youthful appearance.

Olivia Culpo in a black ensemble cooking in her kitchen.
Pic credit: @oliviaculpo/Instagram

Olivia Culpo has partnered with Rao’s marinara sauce

At the end of November, Olivia shared her favorite tailgate recipe, which included Rao’s marinara sauce.

She was seen making chicken parm sliders and shared the recipe in a funny video clip in which she was seen smashing chicken breasts with a hammer and with a shocked face.

She wrote in the caption, “Using Rao’s Homemade in this recipe (+ all recipes) takes it up a level w its authentic, slow-simmered sauce + tomatoes straight from Italy.”

Olivia’s reality show The Culpo Sisters wrapped up the first season

When Olivia isn’t cooking up delectable treats in the kitchen, she’s busy on her reality show, The Culpo Sisters.

The TLC show recently finished its first season and touched on some pretty serious subjects and familial drama.

Olivia opened up about her experience with severe endometriosis and shared the clip via Instagram to spread awareness about the condition.

In her caption, she shared her journey, revealing that she had scanned Reddit forums, YouTube videos, and Instagram to figure out what her symptoms meant.

She concluded, telling women they need to fight for themselves and advocate for themselves, even if they’re “a one woman army.”

Further, in the season, viewers saw Aurora dealing with marriage issues and explaining to her sisters how her husband had a once-a-year pass where it was okay for him to sleep with another woman. However, she didn’t want to do that anymore, and the pair were stuck at a crossroads.

As for drama in the family, Olivia and Sophia argued over Sophia’s lack of work ethic. The youngest Culpo sister had complained about her manager passing on things when she didn’t respond within 24 hours, and her big sister Olivia explained how important it was to be on top of her emails so early in her career.

It was apparent Sophia felt she was living in her sister’s shadow, and things came to a head during the birthday dinner for Aurora.

It gave off The Kardashians vibes, and it’s pretty clear the trio is gunning for the Hulu reality series.

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