Olivia Culpo sizzles in red for The Culpo Sisters important message

Olivia Culpo close-up photo
Olivia Culpo attends the Revolve Festival in April 2022. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Olivia Culpo opened up on this week’s episode of The Culpo Sisters about her battle with endometriosis.

The model and influencer looked stunning as she spoke in the talking heads segment of the show, explaining how the condition has affected her life.

She sat on the sofa and wore a red structured tank top with raw hem jeans in light blue and a pair of nude heels.

The 30-year-old wore her short dark hair in a straight, shiny bob style and wore glamorous makeup including bronzed smoky eyes and rosy lips.

She posted a clip of the show on her Instagram to share with her 5.2 million followers. She started the video by saying, “Endometriosis wreaked havoc on my life, it took years, and years, and years to finally get a diagnosis.”

Olivia goes on to explain how she would be in bed all day with debilitating pain and went to numerous doctors who told her that her period pain was normal.

Olivia Culpo shares her endometriosis journey

Olivia shared on the latest episode of The Culpo Sisters that she knew something was wrong with her body and visited “dozens” of doctors before getting a proper diagnosis.

She wrote a lengthy caption to go along with her emotional video, saying, “I finally landed on the truth, which was that I had severe endometriosis and needed surgery if there was any hope to salvage my reproductive organs. If it wasn’t for those who shared their stories on random blog posts, I never would have found the courage to keep advocating for myself.”

Olivia hopes that sharing her message now will encourage more women to get the diagnosis and help they need with this condition. She also said her DMs were open to anyone who wanted to share their stories and said she was grateful for her “little endo community” on social media.

Olivia Culpo makes a tailgate dinner with Rao’s Homemade

Olivia recently collaborated with Rao’s Homemade sauces to show off her favorite tailgate recipe– air-fried chicken parm sandwiches.

In the video, we see her comically tenderizing the meat before coating it in homemade breadcrumbs. She then cooks the chicken in an air-fryer and puts it on bread with mozzarella and Rao’s marinara sauce.

The results look delicious and at the end of the clip, we see Olivia and her friends sampling the food.

Olivia wrote in a caption to go along with the advert, “Air fryer chicken Parm sliders using @raoshomemade, my favorite marinara sauce? Using Rao’s Homemade in this recipe (+ all recipes) takes it up a level with its authentic, slow-simmered sauce + tomatoes straight from Italy.”

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