Olivia Culpo is gorgeous in sleek black and white photos by Dennis Leupold

Olivia Culpo close up
Olivia Culpo did a daring photoshoot with an Italian magazine. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Olivia Culpo is one of the most stunning women in the world, and while most influencers have to get their start on social media with aesthetically pleasing photos, she got her start in pageants.

The model and soon-to-be reality star was crowned Miss USA in 2012 and became Miss Universe that same year.

Now, she’s made quite the name for herself, having collaborated with brands such as L’Oréal and Uberliss, putting her influencing skills to the test.

Not only has she had a busy career, but her love life has been heating up since the summer of 2019 when she started dating NFL player Christian McCaffrey.

That said, Olivia recently went back to doing what she does best, modeling for the magazine cover.

She shared several black-and-white, highly artistic images that photographer Dennis Leupold shot.

Olivia Culpo posed in a series of black-and-white shots for L’Officiel Italia

Olivia posed up a storm in several photos for the Italian magazine L’Officiel Italia, giving most full-time models a run for their money.

In the most eye-catching of them all, she stood leaning over a barstool with one leg up to emphasize her toned physique.

She wore a black leotard that only covered her back and left her chest exposed, though she covered her modesty with her arm.

She paired the look with black thigh-high boots and long black sleeves that covered part of her arms.

Known for her short brunette bob, Olivia was wearing extensions in her hair, which was parted in the middle and stick straight and blew in a breeze as she looked up.

Her makeup wasn’t entirely visible, but it appeared she was wearing a dark smokey eyeshadow that gave her a chic, mysterious look.

Olivia posted that photo along with two others in the same carousel, with the second not even showing her face.

She wore a black top with spaghetti straps in that photo and covered her eyes with a straw hat.

The third shot drew attention, though, with Olivia lying on the ground as the light hit her, making a shadow on the back wall.

She wore what looked like a one-piece leotard that featured a big cut-out in the center and showed off her impressive, gym-honed abs.

Completing the ensemble were fishnet stockings and a fishnet long-sleeve top, giving her an edgier feel.

Olivia and her sisters will star in the upcoming TLC reality series The Culpo Sisters

Olivia will star in an upcoming TLC reality series with her sisters Aurora and Sophia called The Culpo Sisters.

The show will follow the dramatic trio as they navigate life in Los Angeles and will show their careers, love lives, and family lives.

The Culpo Sisters premieres November 7 at 9/8c on TLC.

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