Olivia Culpo is giving goddess vibes in a gorgeous white dress

Olivia Culpo spending time at home.
Olivia Culpo is stunning in a new photo where she’s wearing a plunging white dress. Pic credit: @oliviaculpo/Instagram

Olivia Culpo has done it again, sharing a gorgeous shot of herself that is sure to dazzle her fans around the world.

The stunning model recently posed for some beautiful pictures that totally give off goddess vibes based on her divine outfit, her clean-cut makeup, and her pose.

With over 5.2 million Instagram followers, some fans might be convinced that the world revolves around the gorgeous actress.

In most of Olivia’s pictures and videos, she shows off her toned physique leaving little to the imagination with her clothing choices.

Regardless of what she chooses to wear though, she always keeps it totally chic and classy.

In Olivia‘s goddess pictures, her back is arched in a way that makes her look like both an angel and a professional model at the same exact time.

Even without her eyes open in the shot, she looks absolutely fantastic.

Olivia Culpo might just be a genuine goddess

The picture Olivia shared on her Instagram story is stunning due to the bright white dress she wore on the day of one of her photo shoots. The sleeveless dress appeared to be made of several pieces of luxurious fabric sewn together to cover her most intimate areas.

Since the dress was so plunging, tons of skin in her chest area and upper stomach were visible to see. The dress also came with a large slit on the side so that she could show off her tan, lean legs.

Olivia Culpo in a goddess dress
Pic credit: @oliviaculpo/Instagram

In the center of the gown, a giant glittering brooch was sewn into place adding a touch of elegance and royalty. The only thing Olivia was missing was an angel’s halo or a diamond-encrusted tiara.

Olivia smiled with her eyes closed, giving the impression that she was daydreaming about something magical. She wore her chocolate brown-colored hair parted down the middle at a short length that stopped at her shoulders.

Olivia Culpo is a total star in her little white dress

Olivia shared a series of pictures in a little white dress during the fall while promoting a drink brand called Vide. She shouted the brand out in her caption and clutched a bottle of the alcoholic beverage in her hand while smiling for pictures.

Her little white dress was designed with ruched material over her stomach and hips. It stopped short enough to show off her thighs, knees, and calves.

Olivia accessorized with a pair of dangly earrings, a small white handbag with a silver clasp, and high heels that had laced strings going halfway up her leg.

Instead of wearing her hair straight like she did in her goddess photo shoot, she wore her hair crimped and curled, parted to the side. This time, her hair had highlights blended throughout.

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