Olivia Casta is an ‘alluring Queen’ for barefoot deck snap

Olivia Casta IG Story selfie April 2023
Olivia snaps a selfie to warn her followers of a Facebook scammer. Pic credit: @oliviacastaxx/Instagram

Spanish-American model Olivia Casta delivered her natural beauty for a set of stunning photographs.

Olivia, full name Olivia Claudia Motta Casta, turned an ordinary moment of her day into a sultry carousel of images.

The 25-year-old stunner shared the photos on Instagram, depicting herself relaxing outdoors.

Olivia was clad in a busty white bralette with spaghetti straps, which she paired with a white pleated miniskirt.

Olivia opted to go barefoot for the photos and otherwise kept her aesthetic simple, as usual.

She chose not to wear any accessories, allowing her jaw-dropping physique to take center stage. Olivia’s makeup was minimal, with flirty lashes and a hint of bubblegum pink gloss on her lips, and she wore her chestnut-colored hair down in loose curls.

Spanish-American model Olivia Casta poses barefoot for an alluring set of photographs

Olivia sat on a wooden deck, seated in a black woven rocking chair. A gray stucco home could be seen behind her, as well as a lattice panel and several plants.

The first slide showed Olivia close-up as she stared intently at the camera with an expressionless face. Olivia gently clasped her skirt in the second photo as she sat upright.

In the last photo, Olivia changed her position on the chair, grasping it with her hands and positioning her bare feet in a pointed pose to accentuate her long and lean legs.

In true Olivia fashion, she only used a polar bear emoji to caption her post. In less than 24 hours, Olivia racked up more than 142,000 likes, and thousands of her 2.4 million Instagram followers headed to the comments to admire her beauty.

“Something very alluring about this young ladies look,” wrote one of Olivia’s Instagram followers.

Another IG user referred to Olivia as a “gorgeous gorgeous” young lady, while another fan called her a “Queen.”

Olivia Casta's Instagram followers commented on her barefoot deck photos
Thousands of Olivia’s fans and followers gushed over her stunning photographs. Pic credit: @oliviacastaxx/Instagram

“More and more beautiful everytime I see you,” penned another admirer.

Although Olivia is very quiet about her personal life online, she recently spoke out against someone impersonating her on social media. She also called out Facebook for not doing anything about it.

Olivia puts Facebook on blast after an impersonator poses as her online

First, Olivia took to her IG Story — there, she shared a selfie and a message, telling her followers, “My real Facebook! Follow me there please!”

Olivia added a link to her Facebook page, where she currently has 19,000 followers. She also made several posts on her Facebook page, warning her followers of a “scammer” posing as her.

Olivia Casta calls out facebook in her Instagram story
Olivia warns her followers of an impersonator on Facebook. Pic credit: @oliviacastaxx/Instagram

“Wow! The perpetrator rejoices that his fraudulent page has grown by two thousand people after he was convicted of deception,” she wrote in one Facebook post. “What a mean little man.”

In another similar post, Olivia told her Facebook followers of the scammer, “Friends, this ‘smart guy’ decided to change his avatar and profile header, ha ha! Please keep reporting this scammer.”

Olivia then took to Twitter to call out Facebook for not doing enough to correct the situation.

“I despise @facebook for their moderation department,” Olivia tweeted. “It’s just a shame. Dozens of pages impersonate me, but Facebook do nothing, no matter how many complaints I file. Support cannot be contacted. Not surprisingly, Facebook is where most of the scammers are located!”

Olivia Casta calls out Facebook on Twitter
Olivia puts Facebook on blast in a Twitter rant. Pic credit: @casta_olivia/Twitter

Olivia continued her rant in a subsequent tweet, writing, “Because they don’t care about users, the only thing they are interested in is generating endless traffic by any means!”

Olivia maintains her figure with tennis and a vegan diet

Despite dealing with impersonators online, Olivia is still living her best life. She recently returned from a vacation in Thailand and has been staying fit with some time on the tennis courts.

Playing tennis is just one way Olivia maintains her sensational figure — she’s also a devoted vegan, per her Twitter bio.

Olivia often posts her favorite tasty treats in her IG Stories and Highlights, and per her Tingz site, one of Olivia’s favorite sweet treats is Van Leeuwen’s strawberry non-dairy frozen dessert made with oat milk.

Olivia also includes plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, smoothies, salads, teas, and dark chocolate in her diet.

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