OG Maco reveals skin eating disease: What is necrotizing fasciitis?

OG Maco flesh eating disease
OG Maco in a video for hit single U Guessed It. Pic credit: OG Maco/YouTube.

OG Maco revealed to his fans that he is suffering from necrotizing fasciitis. The 26-year-old rapper shared a graphic video showing the symptoms of a rare skin-eating disease about 2 years after surviving a near-fatal car accident.

In a video showing his disfiguration from the skin-eating disease, OG Maco reveals that he has been dealing with the condition for over three months. The rapper revealed that he contracted the skin eating bacteria from a minor rash that was treated improperly.

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In the heart-wrenching video, Maco stated that many of his loved ones have abandoned him.

“Everybody I thought would be here, who I really thought could depend on, wasn’t there,” OG Maco stated in the video. “It caused me to not trust anybody, I was scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen, or if I was going to lose my entire face… I almost did.”

The U Guessed It rapper offered words of encouragement to others who may be affected by necrotizing fasciitis.

What is necrotizing fasciitis?

Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare infection commonly described as a flesh-eating condition. It can be fatal with WebMD noting that up to 30 percent of cases in the United States end in death.

The infection can spread rapidly if not treated acutely. As OG Maco stated in the video, minor cuts or abrasions that can cause necrotizing fasciitis to enter the body, it can be caused by insect bites.

The disease can occur in any part of the body where the bacteria penetrates the skin including the face.

OG Maco did not mention the loved ones who abandoned him by name. In June 2018, Maco shared photos with his girlfriend Gianna ‘Gigi’ Saraceno on Instagram. However, it is unclear whether they are still in a relationship.

OG Maco revealed that the condition has improved with treatment and hopes to inspire others not to give up.

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