Nina Serebrova gets fancy for dinner out

nina Serebrova poses for an IG selfie
Nina Serebrova leaning on one hand for a picture. Pic credit: @ninaserebrova/Instagram

Based on her Instagram bio, food and fashion are two things that Nina Serebrova loves to prioritize in her everyday life.

The stunning model lives in Miami and boasts about wearing a new outfit every day. Never being spotted in the same thing twice is her goal!

It isn’t difficult for someone like her to wear new clothing on a daily basis based on the brand deals she has and the major companies she works with.

One of the recent pictures she shared on Instagram showcases a stunning cutout dress that came from a top-notch clothing brand for fashion lovers everywhere.

Not too long before that, she showed off the incredibly attractive Halloween costume that she went with for spooky season.

Nina gave her followers a quick glimpse into what it looks like to be a truly seductive fashionista with all of her friends while attending an exciting party.

Nina Serebrova is all about Catwalk Connection

While enjoying a dinner night out on the town, Nina wore a black dress with missing pieces of fabric in all the right places. The dress was laced up with black strings in the front over her side, waistline, and rib cage.

The top of the dress was made with a triangle bralette top that resembled a bikini top. It had long sleeves that covered her shoulders, elbows, and forearms.

On her feet, she wore a pair of laced-up black heels with thick backings. She also held onto a small black handbag that matched everything else on her body flawlessly.

Her small hoop earrings were a perfect addition to the outfit. She kept things simple with her hair by slicking it back into a neat bun. She wore her makeup in a clean-cut manner as well with an eyebrow tint, a neutral shade of lipstick, and a bit of eyeshadow.

In her caption, Nina shouted out Catwalk Connection as a way of showing appreciation for the stunning dress she was wearing.

Nina Serebrova’s Halloween costume was elite

Nina dressed up like a haunting card from a poker deck. In a way, she looked like Harley Quinn from DC Comics for Halloween – and she totally killed it.

The dress she wore consisted of a white, silver, black, and red color scheme. The top was designed to look like a corset with extra lift while the bottom looked like a puffy ballerina skirt.

The costume wasn’t soft or “innocent” looking in any way though. Instead, it was incredibly edgy and fierce. On her wrists, she wore two crinkly bracelets made of fabric to go along with her choker necklace of the same material.

Underneath the choker, she wore a black necklace that was dripping with extravagant jewels. Lastly, she wore over-the-knee boots in a bright shade of red to pair with her red lipstick and eye makeup.

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