Nina Ross Da Boss dead: Tampa rapper Jimmiel Spillman-Ingram dies in shooting

Nina Ross da Boss
Tampa rapper Nina Ross Da Boss was shot dead on Tuesday. Pic credit: Nina Ross/Instagram

Rapper Nina Ross Da Boss died as the result of a shooting in Tampa, Florida that left two dead. 

According to the police report a man and a woman were killed in the shooting that occurred on the 8700 block of North Tangerine Place off East Yikon street before midnight on Tuesday.   

Nina Ross, whose real name is Jimmiel Spillman-Ingram, was 31 years old and has six children with the youngest being two months old. It is unclear if Spillman-Ingran has a relationship with the unidentified man left dead at the scene of the crime.  

Police officers found Spillman-Ingram’s vehicle crashed near her home and she was reportedly in the car when she died from gunshot wounds. 

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Nina Ross da Boss was locally known in Tampa, Florida. She was active on her Instagram account a day before she passed away. Many fans left tributes to the rapper and mother of six children. 

According to Tampa News Channel 8, Spillman-Ingram’s mother-in-law Yolanda Baker said the following about the rapper’s tragic death:

“It’s been so rough for me and for my grandchildren. My heart is so torn. No child should have to go through that of losing their mother.”  

Yolanda Baker

There had been no arrest made in relation to the shooting at the time of writing.

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