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Nina Dobrev in bikini swims with sharks

Nina Dobrev smiles close up
Nina Dobrev close up. Pic credit: ©

Nina Dobrev is in the deep and rubbing shoulders with sharks as she shows she’s fearless.

The Vampire Diaries star updated her Instagram last week and for her 25 million+ followers. In a rare lengthy caption, the actress got on her animal rights soapbox, but this was more than just a plea.

Proving she walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk, Nina shared footage of herself in the ocean and enjoying the company of tiger sharks, with a caption outlining how she doesn’t feel the larger-than-life fish are as dangerous as everyone pegs them to be.

Nina, 33, was filmed from a boat and then underwater as she donned striped bikini bottoms and a rashguard top, plus massive flippers. The camera clearly showed her up close and personal with a massive shark, also accompanied by a male – possibly Olympian boyfriend, Shaun White.

“If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much i love free diving with sharks. i used to be afraid of them until i got into the water to try to get over my fear. that’s when i realized how uninterested in humans they are. since then, i’ve gotten to be in the water with so many different kinds of sharks, and it’s been a dream of mine to swim with Tiger sharks specifically,” a caption opened.

Nina then outlined that she’d swam with a total of three sharks.

Not everyone calls sharks “friendly,” but this was the word Nina used to describe 14-foot tiger shark Roxy.

Nina Dobrev says sharks aren’t ‘trying to bite’

Continuing, the Degrassi alum told her followers:

“Notice we’re not in a cage. notice how calm the sharks are. they’re not aggressively swimming or trying to bite or attack us. that’s because they are peaceful misunderstood creatures. they’re portrayed in media as vicious killers, but they’re quite the opposite.”

She then took a moment to outline the “shark killing competitions” that happen within the United States, asking “for what?” when it comes to killing them.

Nina Dobrev points fingers at Coca-Cola and major brands

“Tomorrow in Alabama there is another shark killing rodeo targeting the great Hammerhead shark. Which is a critically endangered species. HOW IS THIS LEGAL? this needs to stop now,” Dobrev also stated.

Then name-dropping companies, including Coca-Cola and Chevrolet, that she claims are “sponsoring” these events. The actress closed by reminding fans that oceans make 70% of the oxygen needed to breathe – “sit with that,” she concluded.

Also known for their ocean conservation advocacy are actor Leonardo DiCaprio and model Karlie Kloss.

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