Nina Dobrev and Shaun White get into a ‘Fendi bender’ as they relax in matching swimsuits on Costa Rica trip

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White on their vacation
Shaun White and Nina Dobrev posed in matching Fendi swimsuits during their getaway. Pic credit: @shaunwhite/Instagram

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev have been livin’ it up in Costa Rica with their excursions, beach trips, and “punny” social media captions.

The couple, who has been in Costa Rica over the past two weeks celebrating Shaun’s Olympic retirement, has been sharing their most memorable moments with their Instagram followers.

Nina and Shaun posted in matching Fendi swimsuits

In Nina’s most recent photo series from the tropical trip, she showed the two casually lounging in the Italian luxury designer brand, Fendi.

The former Vampire Diaries actress rocked a brown and black one-piece swimsuit with the brand’s signature “F” pattern, while Shaun sported tan and brown swim trunks of the same design. The first photo showed the two smiling at each other, while the other photos showed off a goofier side of the couple.

“Accidentally got into a Fendi bender in Costa Rica,” Nina put in her caption to play off the popular term for a minor car crash, “fender bender.”

Along with matching swimsuit photos, both Nina and Shaun have also taken to their social media feeds to show off other fun moments from their trip. They have shared their days at the beach, surfing experiences, horseback riding shenanigans, and even fun moments from inside the room at their resort.

The couple is celebrating Shaun’s snowboarding retirement

After an incredibly successful career as a professional snowboarder and Olympic gold-medalist, White announced that this past Winter Olympics were officially his last.

As a consecutive Team USA Olympic halfpipe competitor from 2006-2022, Shaun felt it was time to start his new phase of life and has shown nothing but complete gratitude for his career.

The former snowboarder took to his Instagram earlier this year with multiple photos and videos to thank his fans for their support throughout his time as an Olympic competitor.

“I am beyond humbled and grateful for this beautiful journey. It has been an honor and a privilege. This has been the ride of my life! ‘Retirement’ sounds like the end, but for me, it’s just the beginning. The future looks bright,” Shaun wrote in his “thank you” note on Instagram.

After his post announcing his retirement, Shaun took his “bright future” quite literally as he posted in the bright sun of Costa Rica. He posted solo shots from the resort in front of a background of greenery wearing a “Hakuna Matata” muscle tank.

“It means no worries… #retired,” the former snowboarder wrote.

It’s safe to say the two have been enjoying their trip thus far – whether they’re zip-lining through the trees or hanging out in true Italian luxury style. Let’s just hope “Fendi benders” are the only thing the two are getting into while on the getaway.

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