Nicole Scherzinger video shows her and Lewis Hamilton getting intimate

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton
Nicole Scherzinger is seen with Lewis Hamilton in an intimate video. Pic credit: ©

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton aren’t even together anymore but they will forever be linked after a newly leaked video surfaced showing the two getting intimate in bed together.

The short video, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times already, does not show anything explicit. Instead, it shows Nicole Scherzinger cuddling in bed with Lewis Hamilton before their split in 2015.

While the video doesn’t show either of the celebrities nude, Scherzinger still feels “heartbroken” that footage of an intimate moment in her life was allegedly hacked and then shared with the world, according to Metro.

She’s also reportedly worried that more videos may end up getting leaked and some of those may be more embarrassing for her than the one that is making its rounds right now.

“Nicole’s very worried that more videos and pictures will be leaked in the next couple of days,” a source told The Sun. “She feels hugely violated that someone’s been looking through her private pictures and is concerned this is just the start of a nightmare.”

Nicole Scherzinger is even more concerned about what hackers may have found because she reportedly deleted the video of herself getting intimate with Lewis Hamilton some time ago.

It is believed that the video was retrieved from the Cloud and if there are more embarrassing videos that were deleted but not completely wiped out, those could also be made public against her will.

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