Nicole Scherzinger shows off killer body in sports bra and tight pants

Nicole Scherzinger at FOX Winter TCA 2020 All Star Party
Nicole Scherzinger at FOX Winter TCA 2020 All-Star Party at The Langham Huntington Hotel. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Nicole Scherzinger is well known for her time in the Pussycat Dolls with the sizzling music videos and performances she was part of with the women’s band.

That led to a solo music career for Scherzinger, along with other opportunities such as appearing as a TV personality and modeling.

She recently brought the sizzle as she rocked a black sports bra and tight pants for her latest photoshoot.

The 44-year-old singer stood before a glittery wall with her abs on display as she showed off a look that included large hoop earrings and stylish silver pants.

Various images from the shoot arrived online, following Scherzinger revealing some of what she does to stay in such tremendous shape.

In one photo from the shoot (below), Scherzinger’s dark hair flows in loose waves down the front of one shoulder and the back of the other as she gives a serious stare at the camera.

nicole scheriznger poses black sports bra and pants
Pic credit: BACKGRID

A second photo (below) has Scherzinger striking a sideways pose, with one hand on her hip and the other behind her head as she leans back, continuing to make eye contact with the pic’s viewer.

The image also shows off a sparkly ring on her left hand, part of the dazzling display the former Pussycat Dolls singer gave at her shoot.

nicole scherzinger poses backgrid
Pic credit: BACKGRID

Scherzinger recently showed off her workout

Earlier in the week, Nicole Scherzinger was in full workout mode, sharing an Instagram video clip of herself set to an audio clip of a powerful motivational speech. In her clip, the singer and TV personality wore a light purple sports bra to go with darker purple leggings, with some light-colored Nikes on her feet with pink Swooshes.

The various footage reveals her slim midsection and toned upper body as she sweats through various exercises.

She has her hair up and out of the way in a bun as she runs on a treadmill, performs alternating bodyweight lunges, and lifts weights. Scherzinger also got in some reps with a medicine ball and rope to assist in keeping herself lean and sculpted.

“If you stay in your comfort zone you will fail. So you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, if you ever want to be successful,” she wrote in her IG post’s caption, adding hashtags for “#motivationalmonday,” and “#putsomepressureon.”

Variety is key to Scherzinger’s healthy lifestyle

In 2019, Women’s Health Mag UK caught up with Nicole Scherzinger to get some of her tips for staying healthy. She mentioned changing things up regarding workouts to keep variety in her routine.

Scherzinger said a typical routine might involve 20 minutes of treadmill followed by “squats, some sit-ups on the exercise ball,” and “some yoga stretches.”

However, she also mentioned Soul Cycle spinning classes at home, hiking, hot yoga, and core power yoga in Los Angeles as things she enjoys participating in to stay in shape.

For nutrition, variety is also essential, with Scherzinger saying she enjoys breakfasts such as eggs and toast with smoked salmon or bacon. Another breakfast option might be porridge. Lunch might include soup or sushi, while dinner could feature pasta or rice with meat and veggies or more sushi.

She’s not averse to indulging herself in favorite foods either. The singer said she enjoys favorites like “Mexican with lots of cheese,” pasta, pizza, French fries, and salt and vinegar crisps. 

Lastly, she passed on some valuable bits of advice for anyone looking to improve their health.

“Love and accept yourself. Get lots of sleep – sleep really makes such a huge difference. Drink lots of water. Don’t deprive yourself of anything because eventually you’ll crave it and then you might binge on it. Everything in moderation,” Scherzinger said.

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