Nicole Scherzinger leans back in the tub to share her ‘Monday Mood’

Nicole Scherzinger attends an All-Star party.
Nicole Scherzinger sizzled as she showed off her insane curves while lounging in showy swimwear outside. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency 

Nicole Scherzinger made sure to let her fans know that she isn’t afraid to brave the cold in the name of her health.

The 44-year-old former Pussycat Doll and 2010 Dancing With the Stars winner got down to her showiest swimwear as she took up the challenge of the polar bear plunge in her own way.

Looking stunning in her skin-baring, one-piece swimsuit, Nicole could be seen first leaning back in an outdoor patio tub, looking serene and peaceful with her typically-impeccable tresses left in a rare, relaxed bun.

Choosing a chocolate-brown color for her swimwear, Nicole’s tanned skin played perfectly against the garment’s hue.

The Masked Singer judge donned circular, dark shades on her eyes to match her darkly-painted and manicured nails.

While the tub she was lying in appeared by the eye to be maintaining a cozy temperature based on Nicole’s tranquil float, her caption to her series conveyed that the water was anything but warm.

“Monday Mood. Ice bath at 37 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 minutes 👊🏾 No pain. No gain,” she penned.

Nicole Scherzinger bares her curves in sensual swimwear

While Nicole seemed not to mind the frigid soaking session, the star did ensure to take some breaks from the chilly waters to sun herself, as evidenced in the second snap in her series.

Nicole could be seen standing with just her feet and ankles in the tub, arching her back slightly as she pushed her arms and hands backward and pursing her lips together for a playful smirk.

The star then braved the cold once more to submerge herself in the water, continuing to keep her calm demeanor.

Her final share included a video clip that showed off more views of the star’s session, with the camera panning over her from behind, the front, and sides while the glass-paned patio enclosure let fans see the landscape far below her.

With a physique that many women would envy, Nicole has proven to her social media followers just how much she dedicates to her personal fitness.

Nicole Scherzinger keeps her workouts supercharged

Boasting a stellar following of 5.4 million Instagram followers, Nicole knows how to keep her fans fully engaged and aware of her work behind the scenes to keep her figure red-carpet-ready.

Nicole has been known to give frequent shares of her sweaty exercise routines, and the star seems to not be afraid to try just about any workout.

In one video, Nicole rocked red spandex leggings and a matching red sports bra, tackling some deadlifts and box jumps.

Another video showed the star wearing vibrantly-colored spandex leggings with a skimpy, purple sports bra that complemented her voluptuous curves.

Showing off her infamously-toned abs, Nicole attacked her gym time with various moves, performing bench jumps, push-ups, ski jumps, and dumbbell lifts.

Nicole also has said she enjoys hiking, yoga, and cycling.

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