LisaRaye McCoy reminds us this isn’t Nicole Murphy’s first time caught kissing married man

Lisa Raye McCoy and Nicole Murphy
LisaRaye McCoy is not happy about Nicole Murphy’s latest makeout session. Pic credit: Admedia/StarMaxWorldwide

While on vacation in Italy, Nicole Murphy was spotted getting very cozy with Antoine Fuqua and photos of the far-too-friendly encounter have the internet in an uproar.

With no indication that the Training Day director and his wife, Lela Rochon, had split up, LisaRaye McCoy took offense and she’s not keeping quiet about it.

Over the weekend, photographs showed Antoine and Nicole in what looked like a passionate liplock that sparked a lot of conversation. The kiss heard ’round the world took place at a hotel in Ischia, Italy, as both are there for the Ischia Global Festival where Fuqua will receive the director of the year award.

While many seem up in arms that the married Fuqua might be stepping out on his wife, Nicole Murphy denies that anything inappropriate happened.

“Antoine and I are just family friends,” Nicole told B. Scott when asked about the kiss. “I ran into him in Italy and we exchanged a friendly hello and that was it.”

But despite the denials about an affair taking place in Italy, LisaRaye is just not having it.

According to OK! Magazine, the Single Ladies actress jumped in the comments section on a photo of Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua smooching and added her two cents. LisaRaye blasted Murphy for stealing Lela Rochon’s husband.

“Gurl @nikimurphy you went after @iamlelarochon husband too? … SMH so wrong … again!” LisaRaye wrote.

In case you’re wondering who the other married man LisaRaye was referring to regarding her comment of “again,” it was her ex-husband Michael Misick, whom she was married to from 2006 to 2008.

Just one year before LisaRaye and Michael called it quits, there were rumors that Nicole Murphy was hooking up with Misick. Clearly, LisaRaye has not forgotten about Nicole’s alleged misdeeds.

Murphy was dating Michael Strahan at the time.

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