Nicolas Cage drunk on video in Las Vegas restaurant, actor mistaken for a homeless man

nicolas cage
Nicolas Cage is one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood with over 100 movies. Pic credit: ©

Footage emerged of actor Nicolas Cage barefooted and disheveled as he was kicked out of a restaurant in Las Vegas.

The 57-year-old appears drunk in the video obtained by The Sun, which reports that the Academy Award-winning actor was mistaken for a homeless man.

According to the reporting, Cage was at the Lawry’s Prime Rib in Las Vegas last week when eyewitnesses initially mistook the actor for a drunk homeless man.

In the video, the actor is talking to an unidentified woman and can be heard saying, “By the way, give me the shoes,” before the woman hands him a pair of slippers.

The man holding the camera at the actor said, “He had a little bit too much to drink,” adding that he was getting “kicked out.” The actor seemed unaware that he was being recorded and could be seen getting escorted out of the restaurant.

The footage also shows the actor being denied access back into the establishment.

Nicolas Cage reportedly in a ‘bad state’

According to the exclusive report by The Sun, witnesses say the actor was drinking expensive whiskey and getting into a fight with the staff at the Las Vegas restaurant.

“We were at that bar at Lawry’s when we noticed what we at first thought was a homeless man completely drunk and being rowdy.” A witness tells The Sun, adding: “To our shock, it turned to be Nicolas Cage. He was completely smashed and was getting into a bit of a fight with the staff.”

The eyewitness also says that the troubled actor looked in a bad state as he appeared in his leopard-print pants and black t-shirt at the restaurant.

“He was in a really bad state and was walking around shoeless. Staff told us he had been downing shots of tequila and 1980 Macallan whiskey.”

Nicolas Cage net worth after debt

Nicolas Cage’s acting career has spanned many decades with commercially successful films earning him a $150 million net worth.

However, according to CNBC, the eccentric actor blew the earnings that he earned with hit movies and faced foreclosure on several properties, owing $6.3 million.

The actor once owned 15 homes, including the LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans, a famous haunted house. He also purchased two castles in Europe and a deserted island.

However, due to his prolific acting career, with over 100 movie credits, he was able to work his way out of debt and now has a net worth of $25 million.

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