Nicola Peltz stuns in bra and hot pink pants

Nicola Peltz looks beautify with dramatic eyeliner.
Nicola Peltz looks beautiful with dramatic eyeliner. Pic credit: © Santoro/AdMedia

Nicola Peltz looked stunning in a bra and pink outfit as she helped kick off the fall season.

The American actress and Brooklyn Beckham’s wife is the cover star for the fall issue of Grazia USA Magazine.

The star of the show was a look that consisted of a black bra paired with a hot pink pair of flare pants and an incredible matching long cape.

Peltz accessorized with some sheer black gloves, a couple of silver rings, bracelets, a pearl necklace, and a big diamond bow at the top of her head.

For her makeup, she wore a blush that paired well with her pink cap and a small eyeliner wing that made her green eyes pop.

The magazine’s official account shared a couple of the pictures from the shoot, and Peltz looks absolutely breathtaking in all of them.

Nicola Peltz stuns for Grazia USA Magazine

Besides the incredible outfit mentioned above, Peltz also wore a Prada white tank top with some puffed black sleeves.

She had on a pair of fishnets and a black skirt with red details on top, completing the look with some more pears necklaces and other silver chains of various lengths.

Her now dark hair was styled in a half up, and half down manner with her bangs over her forehead as the rest of the hair fell over her shoulder.

Peltz looked incredible with every single one of the looks she wore on this photoshoot, channeling old money vibes.

Nicola Peltz talks about her upbringing

Nicola Peltz is the daughter of self-made billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz and model Claudia Heffner. She has seven siblings, one sister, and six brothers.

Despite the incredible fortune she grew up with, she explained to Grazia USA Magazine that her life was actually not as crazy as people might think.

Growing up in Westchester, New York, she described her early life by saying, “I come from a hockey family. All my brothers play hockey and my parents are, I guess, anti-Hollywood. They didn’t grow up in L.A. or anything.”

Now, at 27 years old, she’s contemplating creating her own family with her 23-year-old husband, Brooklyn Beckham.

When speaking with the magazine, Peltz revealed that she and Brooklyn are both from big families, and they hope to have a large family of their own. While her husband’s ready to start a family, she isn’t quite ready.

Peltz would like to achieve a couple more milestones in her career before having children.

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