Nicki Minaj shows off cheeky Cinderella costume

Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMAs
Nicki Minaj wore a Cinderella type Halloween costume but made it all Nicki Minaj. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/F. Sadou/AdMedia

Nicki Minaj is known to wear some shocking outfits. But for Halloween, the Super Freaky Girl singer wore a costume that stunned the internet the second she turned around.

Nicki dressed as Cinderella, or Cinderella’s more ratchet counterpart, “Chunderella” and the look from the front was straight out of a Disney fairytale. She stood in front of pink curtains on a set of pink steps with large vases full of pink, purple, and red flowers.

She wore a baby blue, low-cut, Cinderella-type gown, that flared out at the bottom and was sleeveless. The dress had tulle straps leading from the front to the back of the dress.

Nicki also wore Cinderella’s classic black choker, long gloves, blonde updo with bangs, and crown. She had on black winged eyeliner and star-shaped earrings.

When she posted the pics on her Instagram for her 204 million followers, she captioned them with a story,

“And as she heard the whispers…
Chunderella snickered. ☺️
The ugly/evil step sisters had EVERY RIGHT to bicker
(through their blisters!)
After all, deep down inside…
they knew…they’d never fit the glass slippers ✨✨✨✨✨

The END.”

On the third picture, Nicki turned around and showed off her cheeky assets. The rear end of her costume had two round holes, just large enough for her cheeks to fit in.

Nicki Minaj’s more family-friendly costume

Earlier in the day, Nicki posted herself in another costume, this one more family-friendly. In the photo, Nicki’s one-year-old son, known as “Papa Bear,” was dressed in red overalls and a yellow long-sleeved shirt, and was huge, in a play-off of the 90s movie Honey, I Blew Up the Kid.

In the hilarious pictures, Papa Bear was seen crawling toward, lying next to, and even almost stepping on his much smaller parents, Nicki and her husband Kenneth Petty. Nicki was wearing an all-pink shorts onesie, with a pair of matching heels.

Kenneth was wearing a blue short-sleeved collared shirt, khaki pants, and tan shoes. The pictures were captioned, “Honey, I Blew up Papa Bear!”

Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl sets record

Nicki Minaj’s latest hit Super Freaky Girl has now set the record for Fastest Platinum-Certified Solo Rap Song of the Year. At the time of RIAA’s announcement in late October, Nicki was the first and only female rapper to have a song released this year to boast such status.

This success was also record-breaking because it was accomplished only 75 days after its release, thereby making it the first solo Rap song released in 2022 to get such accolades in such a short period of time. The song is also only the second solo Rap hit of the year to be certified Platinum overall and the first by a female.

Super Freaky Girl debuted at No.1 when the song was released this summer. Nicki is also the first female rapper to have a solo record debut at No.1 since Lauryn Hill in 1998.

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Abigail Spencer
Abigail Spencer
1 month ago

Nicki im your biggest fan : DD